beams x oakley frogskins

  1. U

    Sold Beams polished black w/clear lens limited to 150.

    Rare chance at a very limited edition Beams frogskin it's lnib condition, asking 375$ > 350$ plus 20$ shipping. Thanks for checking!
  2. Soulfulfrog

    BEAMS.... Have a Good Time.

    I locked down a pair but it wasn't easy. They totally sold out online in minutes last Friday. I'm sure the secondary market will be a bit higher price than retail.
  3. U

    For Sale $95 Pilgrim Beams Frogskins

    Got 4 pairs, all BNIB and complete, $95 shipped to CONUS PayPal F&F or add the 4%. No trades.
  4. ericforman

    Possible Pre-Production Beams?

    I just bought these from a pretty reputable seller today. I know that only one side normally has the fading text, but this one has it on both sides. I'll post actual pictures when I get them.
  5. Frogskins

    Beam Me Up Scotty ...

    Awesome frames but really can't see a use for the yellow lenses; definitely see a lens swap down the road. Anyone know in what situation would a person use yellow lenses?
  6. chrisbron

    Due To Popular Demand: Collection Update

    Hey Guys, I got several people PM'ing me on here and FB for an update of my collection. So here it is: I added be@rbrick collectibles to my display: First row (Fade series): Beams clear, beams yellow, primitives, purple fade, cyan fade, rootbeer fade, fire flora...
  7. chrisbron

    Rose Tinted Glasses ;)

    New stuff I got in the mail:
  8. chrisbron

    Goodies From The Mailman :)

    Thanks to a fellow collector near Birmingham, I got these today: UPDATE: