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    Sold  Juliet Frames Polished (Beaters)

    Juliet Frames Polished (Beaters) Frame with scratches, nasal bridge needs tuning, without rubber, Sku 04-147 (Photos from 1 to 7) Frame with scratches, nasal bridge needs tuning, without rubber, without serial or Sku. (Photos from 8 to 14) Boxes with papers, foam in good condition, no coin...
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    Sold  lot beaters juliet and romeo 2

    Lot beaters juliet and romeo 2 1-Juliet plasma without serial 1- Juliet plasma serial P073540 1- Juliet titanium serial T029986 (blurred serial) 2- Romeo 2 plasma the lenses are in poor condition, jumper of the nose unfit, pins and screws in good condition, no frame is crooked or broken...
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    Sold  Lot Juliet Beaters

    Juliet lot beaters 1 serialized J097617 lenses in poor condition 1/10 some are tight. Some tires are missing, others are in regular condition. the frames have no fractures. Price $ 950 Shipping free by DHL Pay by Paypal
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    Sold  Lot Juliet beaters

    Lot juliet beaters. Serials: JG 004302 JE 022949A JI 019564 Some bring their tires in good condition. 5 juliet, 3 coins, 5 adjustment pleasers. (lenses in poor condition 2/10.) Price $ 950 Shipping free by DHL Pay by Paypal
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    Sold  Lot Juliet (Beaters)

    Lot Beaters juliet. Not all frames are in the same conditions. the three frames of 1st generation have some spots. the rest, as you can see in the photos are in better condition. most have new couplers, some have their gums. Serials: P064427 P061110 JE008313 J106427 Free shipping Paypal...
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    Buying  Looking for beater R1s

    Hello all. I'm back in the market looking for a Romeo 1. I've got extra lenses so if you only have the frame that's cool too. No box or coin required. Thanks in advance. Q~
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    Found  Beater Juliets, any condition

    Looking for a fixer upper pair of Juliets, any condition. Got an idea that's been planted a while, and it may be time to act on it. No trades today, thanks. No need for box, coin, serial, rubber, etc. Frame only is perfect. Thanks in advance!
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    Buying  Beater frame

    Condition is not an issue just want a cheap beater to play with let me know what you have thanks