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    For Sale BNIB Oakley KillSwitch Carbon + Bezels

    Hi, selling my Killswitch Carbon watch and Bezels, please see below: (all price include paypal fees/shipping) Watch pkg + stealth bezel - SOLD Watch Pkg (free additl titanium bezel used)-SOLD Bezels: Polished - $85 SOLD Fuel - $85 SOLD taken from black dial watch - SOLD Titanium - $105...
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    Sold Kill Switch Bezels

    Hi gang. For sale are 2 Kill Switch bezels I don't use: 1) SS Fuel (26-333) - perfect condition, SOLD! 2) Polished (26-334) - small scuff at 6:00 as seen in last pic SOLD!
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    Sold Heritage bezel

    Most of my watches are gone so there is no point in keeping this. Maybe someone can complete their collection with this. Opened twice for verification of serial number and for pictures. Never mounted or displayed. Mint/new condition. SOLD! $400 shipped tracked and insured with in the US...
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    Found (or Trading For) Kill Switch watch STEALTH bezel

    I have a new Kill Switch SS Tech and SS Polished Chrome bezels and looking to trade for the Stealth one. Also looking to buy or trade for the Heritage bezel. My trading list: Trading - iamFLIP's trading list Thanks.