big glasses / sizing question for a fat-head !

  1. Z

    Need a recommendation on a new pair of oakleys....

    Hi All! I just found my Big Taco's smashed in my driveway(not sure what happened...) and I loved them and I see oakley doesn't make them anymore. Can anyone recommend a similar model the big taco that they like? thanks!
  2. U

    Jawbreaker Photochromic lens ETA?

    Hi Oaksters, Long time listener, first time caller. I recently got the Tour de France edition Jawbreakers, and whilst they are the best cycling shades I've worn, I do most of my riding at dawn or dusk and desperately need photochromic lenses. Does anyone know when the Jawbreaker Photochromic...
  3. sevenfourate

    Big glasses / sizing question for a fat-head !

    Hiya all, Joined up a week or so ago in readiness for my first Oakley purchase (Yes i understand already how the bug can bite and you can soon own multiple pairs !) I'm a pretty big guy with a big face to boot. I tried a guys Fuel Cells and Oil rigs at work. I thought both were ok....until i...