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    Sold Big Taco lenses BNIB Violet Iridium

    Hello OF Selling these BNIB Big Taco lenses Hard to find these days Perfect donor with 8.75 BC Violet Iridium $85 Shipped CONUS
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    Sold /Trade ~ Big Taco Crystal Black / Black Irid

    Big Taco OO9173-02 Frames - in excellent condition, aside from some light wear no major marks. Accent pieces as scuff frees, arms still have that snappy feeling when open/closing. Black Iridium - in good condition, inner top corners have small peel in cc and right lens has a small mark...
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    For Sale Big Taco Lenses Ice Polar

    SOLD!!! $105 USD shipped. I have 2 sets... if someone wants both, $200 USD total. New in box - only taken out for pictures. Tough to find and desirable as they can be custom cut for X Metal.
  4. Z

    Need a recommendation on a new pair of oakleys....

    Hi All! I just found my Big Taco's smashed in my driveway(not sure what happened...) and I loved them and I see oakley doesn't make them anymore. Can anyone recommend a similar model the big taco that they like? thanks!
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    Buying Oakley BIG TACO/SPLIT JACKET Ice Iridium/Ice Iridium Polarized (10/10 condition)

    Just as the title describes I'm looking for Big Taco NIB Ice Iridium or Ice Iridium Polarized Split Jacket Ice Iridium/Ice Iridium Polarized Has to be unused/condition 10/10 Hit me up if you got it. Thanks
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    Sold Donor Lenses: Big Taco, Plaintiff, and Turbine -- $old!

    Shipping CONUS. Big Taco lenses fit all X-Metal, Romeo, Mars, X-Squared, etc. Plaintiff fits all X-Metal + OTT! Turbine fits all X-Metal, but unlike Big Taco, does not come with 8.75 base curve. Closer to a 7 curve. I will be happy to entertain questions. Please PM me. $OLD Turbine...
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    Deal juliet rubber kits

    I have 3 sets of juliet rubber kits for sale. I'm looking to get $30 each shipped and paypalled in the conus If you buy more than one I will give a combo price. PM for info
  8. theclub27

    love Big Taco but 1 things.

    On the Big Taco the lenses fog up easily due to no air flow thru the lenses. "I think that is the case" Would a small hole drilled in each lens at the bottom possible solve that? like the size of a toothpick.
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    Sold R1 emerald polarized and big taco ice polarized

    These are the next set of lenses I've decided to let go First is a R1 emerald polarized big taco cut mint condition like new no scratches $120 shipped and pay palled conus Next is a set of ice polarized big taco lenses they are basically brand new just no box $old shipped and pay palled...
  10. B

    Fleamarket Pick-up

    So, I seen a seller that was at my local fleamarket (that sells out there every weekend, same stuff) He had a pair of Big Taco's. Crystal Black with I'm guessing slate iridium? They were in a Ferrari Microbag. But, for the price I wasn't disappointed that it wasn't a pair of the Ferrari glasses...
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    Sold Big taco

    Big taco root beer/ tungsten. Frame is way too big for my face so passing it along to someone who would be able to pull these off. Use them or gut them and cut the lens for x metals. Brand new never used only tried on once. Asking $65 GS with shipping. US only.
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    For Sale Big Taco Donors

    UPDATE - MORE STOCK AVAILABLE!!!! Anyone need some donors??? I have multiple sets of each color. These are going to start getting really hard to find especially in the cool colors and I'm blasting them under retail price. Shipping is $7 to US or Canada without tracking, $12 with tracking...
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    Buying WTB VIP Big Taco Lens

    Hello, maybe a long shot but does anyone have any violet iridium polarized lens for Big Tacos? Oakley has them available for custom Big Tacos currently, but I couldn't get just the lenses. I would like to use them as a donor for Juliet cuts.
  14. O

    Case for Big Taco Oakley Sunglasses?

    Anybody out there have a suggestion for a case for the Big Taco glasses? I went on the site and jo specific info on a case for them. Figured some of you might know more about it. Thanks!