1. froghog

    It's all about the hunt

    I just won a pair on Ebay for hundreds less than people were asking. Its a pair I have been trying to get for awhile now. I'll keep you guys in the dark until they come, and this is my last pick up until march (lenses and stands don't count). Also will post full collection pictures after their...
  2. jonoyong

    For All My Overseas Mates, My Turn To Do A Favour For A Change..=)

    one's taken, one more is suppose to be for another member here, but no response after the initial msg though. so technically may still have extras. let me know if anyone is interested. =)
  3. FrogTastic

    Todays Arrivals

    They finally arrived: Gentei - Thanx Matt Medicom - Thanx Mad BlackrainBow - Thanx Yale Todd Francis 2 Bird Frank Kozik