blacklight frogskins

  1. U


    Didn't sell - so will just keep em. :cool-33:
  2. Sir Rossi

    First pair of frogs!

    I've been trying to stay away from Frogskins because I think they're too cheap looking, and don't go well with my face or whatever, but snagged this pair from the eBay the other day... Just couldn't resist for that price. Just mad that they wouldn't let me use my $10 off coupon because the $20...
  3. U

    Sold  Four Legged Frogs

    Up for sale is a pair of Blacklight Blue\Orange, Polished white and matte turquoise four legged frogskins. All are in good condition and do not show any major signs of wear. They will all come with their appropriate bag and box. All prices are shipped in the US only and are or best offer. Feel...
  4. OmAaKrLiEnY

    Got these bad boys yesterday! Black light frogs.

    We got some old black light frogs in on DE in my store. Changed the lenses to some violets and love them! Now to find the rest of the black light frogs for cheap!
  5. ArthurL

    Blacklight frog

    One of my favorite so far. I brought them for the pink iridium but I really like the frame.
  6. Chrisd

    Do Blacklight Frogskins Have a Star on the Frame?

    Do original blacklights (green and black) have a star on the frame?? Also which stem is the model number on 24-286???mine is on the right stem same side as the star and they have the star the sgh model does not have the star and the model number is on the left stem
  7. M

    My First Pair Of Frogskins

    Black/Green Blacklights. nothing special, but I love 'em. My first of what I hope to be a large collection :cool:
  8. chrisbron

    I'm back!

    Well, hello there! Some of you guys have been asking where I went and what I've been doing to my collection, well here's an update: 1) I finally completed the Koston series [Berrics unified, woodgrain & brown tortoise] 2) I got myself two nice Tater's [#14 & #10] 3) Got the...
  9. Feelin' Froggy

    My Tiny Collection

    My very humble collection. It will never be on par w/most of you. But I'm ok w/it. Started out buying back pairs I had growing up and expanded to pairs I like (and can afford!) Haha! It's funny b/c my "Grail" is just a pair of Crystal Black w/90s +Red. If you know me you know my obsession...
  10. S

    1st Steal Ever!

    So stoked today!! Received my package from Mr postman. I got my 1st steal off ebay. Paid £20 for the blacklight black/Positive Red Iridium. I just couldnt let that pass. Pics coming up soon but first need to figure out how haha :dance3: As promised, the pics are up already. Ive seen someone...
  11. maxis888

    Newbie Frogskin Collection

    It's a good start or not for newbie like me ?
  12. Carlitocarlin


    Recently acquired Blacklight pink/orange w/ pink iridium and yellow/pink w/ 24k gold iridium. I love these to death, once I have enough money I'm going to snag the rest of Blacklight collection while they're still in stores =P
  13. MrLee

    Blacklight Black Frogskins

    I was totally sure I wanted Matte Black w/ Violet, until I tried a pair of these on. Much more subtle, and frankly the +Red is far cooler than I had hoped. And since I had the camera out, Wildberries I was trying to shift, and my seen before White w/Gold Iridium just because we all love...
  14. chrisbron

    My Babies! :)

    Here you go guys, my current detolf set-up with my whole collection (am getting Gentei, Sunday's, Beams clear, Trevor Andrews, and FICE in the mail this week and next!)
  15. Shawn Nwahs Yeo

    Shawn's pond of frogs.

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this forum. Below's my humble collection of Frogskins, nothing compared to many here. They're arranged in chrono order. New frogskins will be updated in this thread in the future. :smile:
  16. mpmcgaughey

    Orange/Pink/Pink Iridium Blacklight Frogskins

    For those that have these on "Backorder" still...have faith :o)
  17. W

    Fresh From The O Store Display Case: Blacklight Blue / Orange W/ Fire Iridium

    Let me say this: Im not a frogskin fan, but I do appreciate a pair of shades that make a bold statement. That being said, when I spotted these in my local O store, i knew they wouldn't stay on the shelf for long (they had just finished putting them IN the display case, and only had 3 of the...
  18. Nyarlathotep

    Blacklight - Black With +red

    Went to pick up some gascan lenses, walked out with these instead.
  19. slvrdragn69

    Blacklight Frogskins And Acid Tortoise Frogskins?

    Does anyone have any more info other than maybe just color combinations of these? I have all the color combo descriptions but was hoping for maybe possible pictures or a release date or anything of the sort... Even if someone maybe knows if there is a design intertwined in these and that's how...