blade 2

  1. U

    Buying Buying various oakley watches: Blade / GMT / Minute Machines / Hollowpoints

    Looking for all blade / MM / GMT / hollowpoint watches Especially interested in: Blade with metal strap - red / silver GMT silver / Stealth MM - yellow / red Hollowpoint - any Also interested in parts for oakley blades / GMTs : straps (metal only) / links / faces / rubber bits Looking to buy...
  2. A

    Blade watch strap needed

    HI, I'm looking for a strap for a Blade. Rubber preferably, ready to pay as soon as one is located. Steel is ok also. Thanks!
  3. Linegear Japan

    Blade 2 - band need help

    Hi all, Where can I buy a rubber band for Blade 2? Thanks