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    Sold  Blade Watch

    Oakley Blade Watch - $100 Rubber bracelet. Needs battery.
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    For Sale  Poster - Oakley Blade "The Machine"

    Hello all I have two new and original poster of blade watch, paper and print maximum quality, no is a reprinted. Size 70x50 cm I put good package to safe the travel. Price $100 plus shipping each.
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    For Sale  Oakley Watch Collection (Set of 5) $2500.00

    I am selling my collection of Oakley timepieces I have collected over the past 10 years. Included are: • Oakley GMT (Honed/Blue) purchased July 2006 • Oakley Timebomb (Stealth)purchased Summer 2008 • Oakley Blade 2 (Stealth) Purchased Fall 2010 • Oakley 12 Guage (Stealth) Purchased...
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    Buying  Searching for Blade watch

    I am searching for a Blade watch, brushed bracelet and carbon, white or blue dial. Can trade with any sunglasses or frame currently on sale. Hope you can help me!!
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    For Sale  Blade Metal Band - reduced $

    Looking to move my other blade. 225.00 (shipping and insurance) CONUS only. Great looking watch. had it polished (?) cleaned up . no major marks on it. Just scuffed up and tried to show that. To dark will have to take pictures at work. I noticed the water spot on this picture...