1. rml0015

    EVzero Blades Recurring Lense Issue

    Hey guys and gals, I decided to buy the evzero blade on Oakley's web store. After wearing i really lime this style. They fit great under a helmet for cycling. Anyways, I am on my second set straight from Oakley with a weird issue within the lense. They have a defect where they throw a glare...
  2. U

    Buying Trifecta Fade EV Zero Blades...Tour de France

    Looking for a pair of these...
  3. L

    Loose arms on razor blades fix?

    I've got a pair of seafoam green heritage razor blades that I picked up off ebay last week and the arms are pretty loose. I had a pair of razor blades before that weren't nearly as loose, the arms on these ones kinda flop around and tend to come off rather easily. The clamp part near the hinges...
  4. B

    Oakley Blades Earpieces

    Hey guys, Just found this listing for a vintage Earpiece Kit, if anyone is interested? Have always found them rare to see. Seems pretty unusual that it’s unopened, as well. OAKLEY VINTAGE COMPLETE EARPIECE KIT - CRYSTAL RED, NEW AND UNUSED | eBay
  5. A

    Oakley Blades 09-101 Replacement Nose Bridge

    So the other day I was hiking with my father, wearing the Blades he had given me a while ago,and it was cloudier than I had thought it was going to be so I put them in the pouch and then into my pocket. The next day I went to wear them again and to my surprise the nose bridge had fallen off...
  6. U

    Buying Razor Blade:Slit lens / NOS Lenses

    Why not give it a try? Looking for a slit lens for the razor blades! New/used, any colour. If you got (razor) blade parts, boxes or glasses you want to get rid of, just let me know :) Cheers, Zoltan
  7. U

    For Sale Flying Tigers Gascan $190 / STPL Radar $210 / Half Wire XL / Vintage Razor Blades

    Got a mint, complete matte sand flying tigers gascan to trade. Will sell for $190 ($OLD) shipped to CONUS, Paypal F&F. Also added a vintage razor blades, pink with grey. Frame has a crack on the right side and was glued back together. I haven't worn these so don't know if the glue will hold...