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    Looking to buy polished Juliet’s Ice/blue iridium

    Looking to buy my first pair of Oakley sunglasses! I’ve decided on a pair of polished Juliet’s with blue iridium lenses… Besides the serial number, are generations 1-5 exactly the same?
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    Sold  X3 Juliet’s

    Hello Of for sale this 3 juliets, everything is in perfect condition and with the tune-up service done in all 3 pairs, comes with microbag. - Plasma / Emerald 4rd gen SKU: 04-115 Frame 8/10 Lenses 8/10 Rubbers 9/10 Nose bridge 10/10 - Polished / Blue Iridium 1st Gen JB***** #SOLD SKU: 04-117...
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    Sold  Square Wire 2.0 Silver / Blue Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this used Square Wire 2.0 Silver with Blue Iridium lenses, It is in good condition, the lenses have no scratches and the frame has no bumps, the rubbers are fine too, it comes with the black case of the pics. SKU: 05-677 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $85 the...
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    Sold  M Frame vr28 Blue sweep + Black sweep vented lenses

    $ØLD $ - VR28 Blue Iridium - Just Good - Iridium wear around the nose piece - Center has like internal spider lines, lines cannot be noticed while using - The lines are in the "KLE" area the center etching - Above flaws mentioned don't pose an issue for vision $ - Black Iridium -...
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    Buying  Deep Blue Polarized

    Looking to grab a set of the older angler specific Deep Blue Polarized lenses to use as donor lenses. My primary goal is to find donors that work for x-squared, even if that means buying a complete pair of sunglasses and gutting them for the lenses, as I know there aren't many options out there...
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    Sold  Juliet polished w/ blue iridium lenses 1st gen JB*****

    Hello OFamily for sale this beautiful Juliet polished with blue lenses first gen “JB Serial” have very little use, in the left lenses I see a very fine cleaning line but I try to seen in the pics but is imposibol. is perfect for use every day, the nose bridge one side have a little more...
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    Radarlock Lens identification

    Is it ice iridium or blue iridium?
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    Buying  Blue Iridium Radar Path or M frame Lens

    Looking for blue Iridium (vr28) radar path or M frame (any shape) lens...if anyone has one for sell please send me a message.
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    Radar XL Blades Blue Iridium

    Finally got another one Radar XL Blades, this time with blue Iridium lenses. What a beautiful lens this is, it is far better looking lens than sapphire imo. Looking through it is kind of similar to Violet iridium but not too much green. Love radar xl frame..awesome looks and wide range of...
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    Buying  M frame hybrid/hybrid s blue Iridium (vr28 base) lens

    Looking for m frame hybrid or hybrid s vr28 blue Iridium (now blue Iridium) lens. If anyone has for sell,please send me a message. Thanks.
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    Blue Iridium

    What is the base colour of Radar XL Blue Iridium? Is this blue Iridium and that on sub zero same?
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    What lens is this?

    Is this Prizm Trail or VR28 Blue Iridium?
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    Buying  M frame Blue Iridium Lens

    I am looking for m frame blue Iridium lens, specially heater lens. If anyone has one for sell, please send me a message.
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    Sold  Jawbone +Red P/Fire/HI Yellow/Blue

    Custom Matte Black Jawbones w/ polished white icons. Purple jaws were added recently in superb shape, the frames show some light marks while the tips of the arms show the most visible signs of wear, the socks were very recently replaced with a genuine pair - the icons and bolts have small...
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    Sold  Brand New Juliet polished w/ blue iridium gen 1

    Hello OFamily for sale a brand new polished with blue lenses juliet, came with bag only, all is perfect, don’t have scrachers or defects , is first gen, under first 10k.... Condition: brand new SKU: 04-117 Serial JB009556 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Nose bridge 10/10...
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    Sold  Scar electric blue! Frame is mint!

    Great frame all around including rubbers. Lenses have 8 or so smallish marks that don’t bother when wearing. The color is astoundingly good. The fit is a bit small for me so letting them go. Asking Sold $ + 20shipping. Thanks for checking!!
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    Sold  24-309 Acid Tort Blue w/ Blue Iridium -

    For sale is one pair of Frogskin LNIB, never worn as far as I know and no defects or marks. Price is $85 delivered US. Frame: Acid Tortoise Blue Lens: Blue Iridium Icons: Black Complete with original box, mf bag and papers Thanks for looking!!
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    Razor blade blue iridium

    Is this blue iridium lens or what?
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    Blue iridium or ice iridium

    I recently saw a listing on eBay.. Which says m frame 1st gen blue iridium lens. ..i only have new blue iridium (which is vr28 base) i don't know how old blue iridium looks like and what is the difference between ice iridium and old blue iridium?
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    Oakley radar xl

    Is anyone out there want to sell oakley radar xl blue iridium sunglasses
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    Buying  m frame mumbo blue iridium (grey base) lens

    anyone want to sell an old mumbo blue iridium (grey base) (not the vr28 one)m frame lens?
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    Sold  2 BNIB Four S white w/ blue SKU: 03-379 & Black w/ Fire SKU: 03-380

    Hello family ;) For sale this 2 BNIB Four S 1) white frame with blue Iridium lenses 2) Black with Fire Iridium lenses Price 115 usd each 200 both ( Allin G&s paypal ) Thanks For look.
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    For Sale  Set of juliets *** SOLD ***

    Hi family one set of Juliet here :) All tre frames back of Oakley service for tuneup all frames is in very nice condition nose bridge in 3 frames is 10/10 came only with mf-bag no box or coin, shipping is no included and if need paypal feeds add in the price, you asume. 1) Plasma frame blue...