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    Sold  Jawbone BMX Chrome (Vented) / Persimmon / Jade #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this awesome bmx jawbone in used condition, The frame is in very good condition, some signs of use, but the chrome is complete, it is not chipped anywhere, unfortunately they do not have all the lenses, it brings some persimmon lenses that can be used and other Jade lenses that...
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    For Sale  Fast Jackets - BMX Chrome & Camo

    Fast Jackets - $100 each
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    Trading  Oakley Radar Atomic Orange w/Fire Iridium Path

    Up for trade is my pair of Atomic Orange radars, limited edition for the Tour de France. The frames are in perfect condition. The lenses have a few minor scratches on them. I am looking to trade for Radar XLs and Radarlock XLs. I'd take offers for other rare Radar Paths (i.e. BMX Chrome)