1. Laneybear

    Oakley Dredge Board Shorts ~ Help

    The other day I was shopping eBay for a birthday gift for my boyfriend who's an avid Oakley collector and in my search to get him matching board shorts and froggies, I came across a new listing of Oakley Dredge boards shorts. I managed to get the shorts into my cart but when I went to check...
  2. U

    Sold  Augie's Quest boardshorts

    These have literally been sitting in my closest for years. Hopefully someone can appreciate and wear them. They are brand new, never been worn; still have the tags attached. Size is 34. Also comes with wax scraper/bottle opener. $30 shipped in the US.
  3. Jmo65

    Few pick-ups

    Recently picked up a Diamond Square O Hoodie, B2 Red Line Boardshorts, O belt buckle, and a black leather belt.