bottle cap

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    Recent EBay purchase, Bottle Cap, Black Chrome with Titanium Irid.
  2. ChinoTJ

    Mint 400 Botte Cap Watch

    Does anyone here in OF owns one of these watches ?? They were released in 2014 and they are a limited edition of 47 numbered watches, in the video Ryan Arciero speaks some of the details of this Stealth Bottle Cap
  3. U

    For Sale  Red face Bottle Cap watch $200

    Asking $200 for a gently used (1 month old) Red Faced bottle cap watch. $150 shipped w/o zippered Oakley case. obo. Thanks!
  4. U

    Sold  PRICE DROP: Watches- Bottle Cap / Gearbox

    Selling some watches. All are in new condition and comes complete with outer box with label, inner black box, and watch vault. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping to CONUS. International shipping is $30 extra. See pics and prices below. Bottle Cap White Dial - $210 Gearbox Brushed Tan Dial...
  5. B

    Oakley Bottle Cap - Water Resistant?

    Anyone go surfing with their bottle cap? I see water resistant to 100 meters but then on Amazon it says no submersion.
  6. U

    For Sale  NWOB 2014 Bottle Opener

    Think thats the correct nomenclature. 25.00 shipped. thanks for looking..
  7. U

    For Sale  Bottle Cap Watch - Stealth Black/Black Dial/Unobtainium Strap 26-312

    Thanks for looking. second item out of my small collection up for sale. Its a unused LNIB (if you want to call a box it came in a box). Bottlecap. It comes with everything you see here. Looking for 350.00 (really not sure whats its worth so up for discussion) To include shipping CONUS...
  8. R

    Oakley Bottle Cap Replacement Lenses?

    Hi all, new member (long time collector though!) from lancashire, in the UK! Anyways, quick q' I have a pair of battered bottle caps in need of new lenses, but I can't find any? Frames are great but lenses are scraped -up. I only wear them for mountain biking, but would like to know if any...