1. U

    Buying  ISO Oakley Bottlecap 12-854

    Hey all - I am in search of a brand new pair of Oakley Bottlecap half jacket 12-854. I have had my pair since 2005 and finally looking to replace, but don’t like anything out right now. Any help is greatly appreciate!
  2. U

    For Sale  Package $500 PB2, Rust Breadbox, Bottlecap

    Hey everyone! Selling my Pit Boss 2, Rust Decay Breadbox, and Stealth Green Bottlecap as a package! $500 (plus shipping) for everything includes all original packaging for every item. Message me if you have questions or are interested! Thanks! EDIT 11/25/17- Big Update to this sale, since I’m...
  3. Megahurtz

    Quartz timebomb watch ? What is it fake or real pre timebomb ?

    Just courious to what I have found ? Is this a real Oakley watch and is there any value ?
  4. C

    Bottlecap Crystal Black query

    Hi everyone. New to the forum. I have just purchased a 2nd hand pair of bottlecaps in crystal black frame black iridium lenses. I was just wondering did all bottle cap models have 'bottlecap' raised on the left inner arm, the sku number has worn away from age. My old ones have it but just wasnt...
  5. U

    For Sale  Bottle Cap Watch - Stealth Black/Black Dial/Unobtainium Strap 26-312

    Thanks for looking. second item out of my small collection up for sale. Its a unused LNIB (if you want to call a box it came in a box). Bottlecap. It comes with everything you see here. Looking for 350.00 (really not sure whats its worth so up for discussion) To include shipping CONUS...