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    For Sale  Sutro Lite Custom

    $190 AUD: Boxed Custom Sutro Lite. Sapphire lens, black and white stem and teal boxed logo. Brand New: Post $10
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    For Sale  Custom Frogskin lites

    $175 AUD: Custom design Frogskin Lites brand new. + Australia Post $10
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    Sold  Oakley Pro M Frame Array Full Set

    Location: UK Condition: Excellent Price: £225+ pp Black M Frame with 3 shooters lens array. All 3 lenses in immaculate condition - G26, Black Iridium and yellow. Box is in excellent condition with no wear to foam inserts. All lenses equipped with mint condition nose pieces, and earsocks are...
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    Sold  Mag M-Frame lenses ** new old stock

    Hello OF! I have several new, unused and boxed Mag M-Frame lenses for sale. Please check the pictures for reference and lensshape (hybrid, hybrid s, strike, heater) Shipping is SOLD $ worldwide flatrate and comes on top of each order. I ship from central Europe. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks...
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    For Sale  Juliet Plasma w/ Ice Iridium, full set, boxed, complete 375$ shipped

    I'm selling a Juliet Plasma with Ice Iridium lenses. The frame has a factory thight nosebridge, new rubbers and a JI1*****A serial number. The Ice lenses have several marks from usage. Nothing too bad, clear vision, but they are not new. With the pair comes the cleaning bag, the papers...
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    Sold  SPIKE light/titanium iridium

    for sale a great piece in near perfect condition (has a few minor marks on lenses that don't affect vision) with box! Asking 165$ >155$ plus shipping SOLD obro.
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    Sold  Oakley PENNY Titanium w/ Ice Iridium, boxed, full set

    I decided to sell one of my Penny pairs from my display to raise funds for some other projects. Titanium Penny with Ice Iridium lenses serialized frame / number is matching with the box! pair unworn! including microfiber bag, spare nosebombs, papers, coin and box would rate it 9.9 / 10 asking...
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    Buying  Oakley Flight Deck Helmet - with working headphones and preferably boxed

    Show me what you got! Thanks.
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    Buying  Oakley Mars w/ Ruby Iridium with box

    Looking for a full set of the Ruby Mars. No need for a perfect mint pair but doesn't want a beaten to death pair too. Let me see what you got. Thanks.