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    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3d Printed Lens Boxes

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed storage boxes (printed to order). They are great for storing lenses and should be large enough to accommodate all lens sizes and the foam pouch most of us have our lenses in. The inside storage area is 2.25"x3.5"x.75" (85x55x19mm). I have between 35-40...
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    For Sale  X4 Juliet box

    Hello OF I have this 4 boxes for Juliet’s, 3 for Xmetal with black and one for plasma ice, this last came complete with paper sponge and coin: Box Juliet plasma ice with coin $75 allin Juliet Xmetal boxes 1box for $45 allin 2 box for $80 allin 3 box for $115 allin All boxes 4 box for $180...
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    For Sale  Sunglass Boxes

    I have a few random boxes if anyone is looking for them. Price is going to be Paypal G&S $15 shipped CONUS. 04-091 Minute-Black w/ persimmon 05-941 Warden (square O)- Silver w/ Grey 04-325 Straight Jacket II-Polished black w/black iridium
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    Sold  Boxes Penny x Metal, Romeo 2 Polished, Zero 0.1

    Boxes penny x metal, $105 Romeo 2 Polished, 105 Zero 0.1, $60 Pay By Paypal The prices have included the value of the shipment to the united states.

    Serialized X- Metal Unmatched Box/Frame lost and found list

    ** UPDATED 2/11/2018 WITH UNMATCHED BOXES AND FRAME INFO*** I was looking for something like this and didn't see one so I asked someone else that knows way more than I do if there was one and if he thought it would be a good idea and he agreed so here it goes. I'm sure there are a bunch of...
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    For Sale  BOX AND COIN for XS Carbon/bi

    For Sale is a Near Mint box and coin set for the X-Squared, Carbon and Black Iridium lens. Price is $60 delivered in US. Thanks for looking!
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    Found  Boxes and coin for XS / x-metal frame / ruby iridium lens, ex. cond.

    I have the glasses and MF bag. Just need the boxes and coin for an X Squared w/ x-metal frame and ruby iridium lens. Would like near mint or above. Please PM. Thanks for looking!
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    For Sale  Many Empty Boxes any with papers - OO mj, eye jacket 2.0, frogskin, fives, eye jacket, and more ....

    hello good all, I have these empty boxes saved and I think it's time to put at your disposal if you need can get it to complete your frames, any came with papers too, in good condition, i can't put here pics one to one of each, are too many, but I can pass to you in private all the pics you...
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    For Sale  Miscellaneous items

    2 PB1 boxes BNIB $50 each 1 2014 Gift with Purchase Bottle opener $35 5 Oakley Custom Microfibers $25 for the Lot Paypal G&S Shipped CONUS