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    For Sale X4 Juliet box

    Hello OF I have this 4 boxes for Juliet’s, 3 for Xmetal with black and one for plasma ice, this last came complete with paper sponge and coin: Box Juliet plasma ice with coin $75 allin Juliet Xmetal boxes 1box for $45 allin 2 box for $80 allin 3 box for $115 allin All boxes 4 box for $180...
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    For Sale Sunglass Boxes

    I have a few random boxes if anyone is looking for them. Price is going to be Paypal G&S $15 shipped CONUS. 04-091 Minute-Black w/ persimmon 05-941 Warden (square O)- Silver w/ Grey 04-325 Straight Jacket II-Polished black w/black iridium
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    Sold Boxes Penny x Metal, Romeo 2 Polished, Zero 0.1

    Boxes penny x metal, $105 Romeo 2 Polished, 105 Zero 0.1, $60 Pay By Paypal The prices have included the value of the shipment to the united states.

    Serialized X- Metal Unmatched Box/Frame lost and found list

    ** UPDATED 2/11/2018 WITH UNMATCHED BOXES AND FRAME INFO*** I was looking for something like this and didn't see one so I asked someone else that knows way more than I do if there was one and if he thought it would be a good idea and he agreed so here it goes. I'm sure there are a bunch of...
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    For Sale BOX AND COIN for XS Carbon/bi

    For Sale is a Near Mint box and coin set for the X-Squared, Carbon and Black Iridium lens. Price is $60 delivered in US. Thanks for looking!
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    Found Boxes and coin for XS / x-metal frame / ruby iridium lens, ex. cond.

    I have the glasses and MF bag. Just need the boxes and coin for an X Squared w/ x-metal frame and ruby iridium lens. Would like near mint or above. Please PM. Thanks for looking!
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    For Sale Many Empty Boxes any with papers - OO mj, eye jacket 2.0, frogskin, fives, eye jacket, and more ....

    hello good all, I have these empty boxes saved and I think it's time to put at your disposal if you need can get it to complete your frames, any came with papers too, in good condition, i can't put here pics one to one of each, are too many, but I can pass to you in private all the pics you...
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    For Sale Miscellaneous items

    2 PB1 boxes BNIB $50 each 1 2014 Gift with Purchase Bottle opener $35 5 Oakley Custom Microfibers $25 for the Lot Paypal G&S Shipped CONUS