1. U

    Sold Cuba Holeshot

    Selling my Cuba Holsehot was swapped to bracelet. Bracelet has some scratches on the clasp but but like new elsewhere. Casing has some scratches from wear. asking 400 f&f shipped continental US Shipping elsewhere or extra insurance on your dime.
  2. U

    Buying GMT, Holeshot and time bomb links

    Now I am looking for Holeshot band and Bracelet please pm me with what you got. Can always work out a trade if that is wanted. Hi I am in need of a few GMT links. Or complete bracelet. Please pm me with what you got. Pickture to show colour. Can also trade even for Time bomb F serial links.
  3. U

    Buying Holeshot SS / rubber Bracelet

    Hello OF, I am desperately seeking a stainless steel / rubber bracelet for the Holeshot Watch. New or Used, and Will buy with or without case. Any colorway. Please send PM with what you have and price. Thanks! Example Picture:
  4. U

    For Sale Minute machine Links $60

    Im selling original Oakley Minute Machine Titanium Links with links and washers 1 Titanium Link + 2 Washers + 2 Screws for $60 + shipping paid via PayPal.
  5. P

    Bracelet made of Minute Machine links

    What do you think? Links all the way around
  6. Redgum21

    Links needed for 12 Guage carbon fibre strap

    Hi folks. Have managed to break one of the steel pin links on the carbon fibre strap on my 12 guage. Hoping some friendly might be able to assist in locating spares (or may even have one themselves they could sell me). I'm in Australia and impossible to get them here. Grateful any assistance!
  7. kronin323

    Color coordinating wristwear

    When y'all are wearing watches, any of y'all wear bracelets on the opposite wrist? If so, I'm wondering how you typically choose to match things. For example, if your watch was a silver metal like brushed or polished SS (or some Ti finishes), would you wear a bracelet (again, on the opposite...