1. gioakiama

    Oakley collection

    Ap Vest Women Penny Titanium and Cooper :cool-20:
  2. TellaoBr

    How to clean Oakley Kitchen Sink?

    I own an Oakley Kitchen Sink 34L (standard color) backpack. I need help in the way of cleaning, I use the same method as my tennis gear - I use neutral detergent and a damp cloth .. but in the leather part of her step almond oil, it leaves moisturized and shiny and soft .. but I wanted to know a...
  3. iamFLIP

    Sold Holbrooks, Frogskins, Quarter Jacket, and New Racing Jackets

    OO9102-A8 Polished Black Ink / Sapphire iridium (Rio 2016) Holbrook (LNIB) -- $100 SOLD OO9102-D255 Sapphire Fade / Prizm Sapphire Polarized Holbrook (worn twice) -- $100 $90 SOLD OO9102-D355 Ruby Fade / Prizm Black Polarized Holbrook (LNIB) -- $100 $90 OO9102-C1 Polished Black / Prizm Deep...
  4. Crazy Alien

    My SI camo collection

    My SI Camo collection Assault Boot SI Night Camo T shirt SI Camo Very rare pieces in Brazil
  5. Crazy Alien

    For Sale Oakley Frogskins Marcelo D2

    This is my first sale at the Forum am being as much detail as possible Oakley Frogskins Marcelo D2 - Very Rare Only 450 pieces made SKU: 24-213 Frame: Polished Black / Red Situation Pre-owned Frame: 97% Lens: 99% ( Original Oakley Black Iridium) All documents included Pôster: 80% Original...
  6. Crazy Alien

    Meeting Oakley Lovers - Rave Party

    Meeting lovers Oakley São Paulo Brazil XXXperience Rave Party 2015
  7. Crazy Alien

    Part of my small collection

    My favorite sunglasses are Frogskins,OverTheTop and Mars ! I have 27 Frogskins in my collection... I need a Supreme Frogskins in my collection, maybe in the future...
  8. luisfa

    Oakley Frogskins Marcelo D2 Brazil Edition On Ebay

    Hello ! Anybody seen it this auction? Sounds good stuff