1. marassato

    Savitar Satin Toast w/ Prizm Tungsten

    My last purchase. 2021 Oakley release🔥🇧🇷
  2. gioakiama

    Oakley collection

    Ap Vest Women Penny Titanium and Cooper :cool-20:
  3. Joeymaz73

    Oakley Kitchen Sink - How to Clean?

    I've looked everywhere and haven't found any specific info on how to clean my bag without damaging it. I use it for work every day and it gets a bit dusty. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance for any help. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. U

    Sold Holbrooks, Frogskins, Quarter Jacket, and New Racing Jackets

    OO9102-A8 Polished Black Ink / Sapphire iridium (Rio 2016) Holbrook (LNIB) -- $100 SOLD OO9102-D255 Sapphire Fade / Prizm Sapphire Polarized Holbrook (worn twice) -- $100 $90 SOLD OO9102-D355 Ruby Fade / Prizm Black Polarized Holbrook (LNIB) -- $100 $90 OO9102-C1 Polished Black / Prizm Deep...
  5. Crazy Alien

    My SI camo collection

    My SI Camo collection Assault Boot SI Night Camo T shirt SI Camo Very rare pieces in Brazil
  6. U

    For Sale Oakley Frogskins Marcelo D2

    This is my first sale at the Forum am being as much detail as possible Oakley Frogskins Marcelo D2 - Very Rare Only 450 pieces made SKU: 24-213 Frame: Polished Black / Red Situation Pre-owned Frame: 97% Lens: 99% ( Original Oakley Black Iridium) All documents included Pôster: 80% Original...
  7. Crazy Alien

    Meeting Oakley Lovers - Rave Party

    Meeting lovers Oakley São Paulo Brazil XXXperience Rave Party 2015
  8. Crazy Alien

    Part of my small collection

    My favorite sunglasses are Frogskins,OverTheTop and Mars ! I have 27 Frogskins in my collection... I need a Supreme Frogskins in my collection, maybe in the future...
  9. luisfa

    Oakley Frogskins Marcelo D2 Brazil Edition On Ebay

    Hello ! Anybody seen it this auction? Sounds good stuff