1. U

    Sold  Fallout Breadbox

    I really like these but they’re not my style I’ve tried to wear them a couple times but I just can’t get past the fit on me. Letting go for cheap. $120 plus shipping.
  2. U

    For Sale  Pit Boss 2, Rust Decay Breadbox, Tactical Clip.

    Both frames include all original packaging. The Breadbox has never been worn, the Pit Boss has been worn id say less than 10 times if I had to take a guess. TACTICAL CLIP- $65 PIT BOSS II- $360 BREADBOX-$360 Price does not include shipping. Thanks!
  3. headpatrolman

    Pit Boss II & Breadbox Fallout Collection (Rust, Bronze & Black Decay)

  4. U

    Sold  Troy Lee Designs Breadbox

    Got 2 pairs both new, never worn, and complete. $65, shipping and PayPal fees. No trades.