1. ericforman

    Possible Pre-Production Beams?

    I just bought these from a pretty reputable seller today. I know that only one side normally has the fading text, but this one has it on both sides. I'll post actual pictures when I get them.
  2. mpmcgaughey

    Brown Tortoise Frogskin LX's

    Gotta admit...I went in a bit suspicious of how the Frogskin LX''s were going to feel as they all have that "China" stamp emblazoned on the earstem but when I picked them up, checked them out and tried them on...well...I had to get them ;o)
  3. chrisbron

    I'm back!

    Well, hello there! Some of you guys have been asking where I went and what I've been doing to my collection, well here's an update: 1) I finally completed the Koston series [Berrics unified, woodgrain & brown tortoise] 2) I got myself two nice Tater's [#14 & #10] 3) Got the...
  4. S

    Acid Blue/ Brown Koston's Leg swap.... PIC

    just did this for some fun, wearing these out today for sure