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    Oakley Bullet Watch battery replacement

    My uncle was a professional triathlete who was sponsored by Oakley. He gifted this watch to my dad. My dad has since passed away and I would like to get this watch working. The watch is in super good shape making me believe that the battery is just dead. I am not mechanically inclined when it...
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    For Sale  Oakley Watches For Sale

    Still have 5 watches I am looking to move. Lowered the prices a bit on each. Can send more photos of each - just ask. Gearbox Automatic - Brushed Titanium - $1100 Icon Polished Titanium - Gold (women's) - $200 Icon Titanium - Titanium (women's) - $250 Bullet Stainless Steel - Carbon Fiber -...
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    Sold  Oakley Watches For sale - UPDATED PRICES

    Hey Everyone - Finally hit that 14 day mark and have the following watches available for sale. I have added one photo of each, and below is the name of the watch, asking price and link to additional photos. All watches are plus PayPal fees and shipping. All watch prices are "or best offer." Can...
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    Sold  Oakley Bullet Watch

    Looking to sell a brand new Oakley Bullet watch. The watch is new in the box; box does show some signs of wear due to storage. The watch does need a new batter though. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $215 shipped.
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    For Sale  Oakley Bullet Silver/ White

    another clear from my personal collection. This is in great shape with minor normal daily wear marks on the case and a perfect sapphire Crystal A little harder to find than the other bullets $175
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    For Sale  Oakley Bullet Carbon Fiber

    This is from my personal collection and I'm selling a few of my Oakley watches so I can pay for a couple new Oakley watches :) Good condition, normal marks on the case and a completely clean sapphire crystal. $229