1. U

    For Sale Large Trade or Sale - Artist Series Hatchets Doubletap Killswitch Carbon Prime Madman Shoes Bunker Money Clip Uncommon, Collection Level Pieces

    7/11: **Open to individual sales** and will update as items are sold Looking back over this list i will update some of the prices, it was a little overwhelming pulling everything together I'm looking for a trade first, so a trade will take precedence over a straight up sale. I know I'm asking...
  2. U

    Sold HQ Storefront Bunker #191/500

    Selling my bunker storefront #191 of 500. Its a bunker, not much else to say about it. Haha A few scuffs on the card board box. Serial number card has a couple dents. Asking $220>$old shipped USPS, PayPal G&S, CONUS only please. Thank You for looking
  3. hockeyguy

    A new addition: Oakley Bunker Christmas Ornament

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to throw this up in a post, wasn’t sure if anyone had seen these or not yet. I’ve looked around and couldn’t find a post on anything for them. Bunker Christmas ornament with a cool velvet pouch, I know some of you guys have a thing for packaging :D. Just figured I’d...
  4. U

    Sold Signed/RARE 2014 Oakley HQ Bunker Ornament 240/500 OBO

    Here is what i got up for sale. UPDATED UPDATED Looking for 250. 00 SHIPPED (i don't even know if its under or over priced.) (and i am sure someone will tell me!!) This item was signed by Chris P, Kit Karzen, and Mike Bell. MIke Bell: Former AMA Supercross Champion Kit Karzen wa...
  5. Aarron

    Oakley Bunker for sale on ebay for you hardcore collectors

    Oakley display rare x-metal HQ Bunker No 212/500 BNWT FREE P+P £275
  6. D

    My Serialized....

    here are my serialized accessories.
  7. U

    Sold CF Money Clip-- Robot-- Bunker

    Still looking for Motorcycle funds First up Carbon Fiber Money Clip #28 (SOLD) Second up Robotic Store Front #218 $300 Shipped CONUS Third up Holiday Bunker # 228 (SOLD)
  8. U

    Sold 2014 and 2015 Bottle Openers

    All BNIB. Got 0 of the 2014's and 1 of the 2015's. $30 each, or $230 for all 8, shipping and paypal fees included. International shipping is extra. No trades.
  9. U

    For Sale HQ Bunker $235 / Polished GMT Watch $230 / Dog Tag Bottle Openers $60

    Selling HQ Bunker #152, BNIB only taken out for pics. Also got 6 dog tag bottle openers, all BNIB. $235 (TRADED) for the bunker and $60 (ALL $OLD) each for the dog tags bottle openers. Prices include shipping to CONUS, payment to be made PayPal friends and family or add the 4% for fees...
  10. U

    Trading Bunker #22 and #23

    Needs to be a unique pair. No crappy trades. Give me something unique. SI coin at top of my list. I can also add.cash in 10-14 days after i pay someone on forum off for our deal
  11. Claustin

    The Holy Grail I didn't know I needed...

    So I went online looking for a good Pit Boss I and Romeo I. I found some nice PB's but then came here to consult the Fake/Real thread. That's when my search got completely derailed. I never ended up buying Romeos but found a (couple) pretty decent pairs of Juliets (among other things). First...
  12. U

    Buying HQ Bunker Christmas Ornament

    I am looking for a hq bunker Christmas ornament ship to Thailand. Pls pm me detail if you have a spare to share.
  13. Oakley for life

    HQ Bunker Set

    Just got the three small ones today! Found them on Ebay and got a good deal for all three of them! Super Stoked to add these to my collection!!
  14. U

    Buying HQ Bunker

    Looking for at least 2 more for my display. Let me know if you can pick one up and ship to me Dallas O Hog
  15. U

    For Sale Corp HQ's Bunker #378

    Finally got this in the mail today!! I was able to get two and keeping one for myself!! :) Price is firm at $300 including shipping in the USA only and I will throw in an Oakley sticker as well. A few of these have gone on Ebay for over $300 so I am offering a discount to members because we are...
  16. U

    Buying HQ bunker

    if someone can help me to get one at the retail price lmk please really like to have one thanks everyones
  17. i am rich

    HQ Bunker Serial Owner List

    HQ Bunker List Forum members who provide a pic of their HQ Bunker, please PM @i am rich, @xmetalmaniac or any Admin/Mod to have the master list updated. Thanks and Congratulations on an "Iconic" piece. 05 - PSIguy - Kory 08 - Wicked 09 - the_owl 11 - Oakleygarth 18 - i am rich 19 - Brettc10...
  18. mtb-nj

    Oakley Holiday Gear (Bottle Opener, Headquarters and Carbine)

    Awesome holiday stuff from Oakley including a dog tag bottle opener, headquarters paper weight and carbine. Pictures: