1. mustangjt

    Sold HQ Storefront Bunker #191/500

    Selling my bunker storefront #191 of 500. Its a bunker, not much else to say about it. Haha A few scuffs on the card board box. Serial number card has a couple dents. Asking $220>$old shipped USPS, PayPal G&S, CONUS only please. Thank You for looking
  2. hockeyguy

    A new addition: Oakley Bunker Christmas Ornament

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to throw this up in a post, wasn’t sure if anyone had seen these or not yet. I’ve looked around and couldn’t find a post on anything for them. Bunker Christmas ornament with a cool velvet pouch, I know some of you guys have a thing for packaging :D. Just figured I’d...
  3. bean323

    Sold Signed/RARE 2014 Oakley HQ Bunker Ornament 240/500 OBO

    Here is what i got up for sale. UPDATED UPDATED Looking for 250. 00 SHIPPED (i don't even know if its under or over priced.) (and i am sure someone will tell me!!) This item was signed by Chris P, Kit Karzen, and Mike Bell. MIke Bell: Former AMA Supercross Champion Kit Karzen wa...
  4. Aarron

    Oakley Bunker for sale on ebay for you hardcore collectors

    Oakley display rare x-metal HQ Bunker No 212/500 BNWT FREE P+P £275
  5. BAPD77

    My Serialized....

    here are my serialized accessories.
  6. OakleyFreak

    Sold CF Money Clip-- Robot-- Bunker

    Still looking for Motorcycle funds First up Carbon Fiber Money Clip #28 (SOLD) Second up Robotic Store Front #218 $300 Shipped CONUS Third up Holiday Bunker # 228 (SOLD)
  7. 702baby

    Sold 2014 and 2015 Bottle Openers

    All BNIB. Got 0 of the 2014's and 1 of the 2015's. $30 each, or $230 for all 8, shipping and paypal fees included. International shipping is extra. No trades.
  8. 702baby

    For Sale HQ Bunker $235 / Polished GMT Watch $230 / Dog Tag Bottle Openers $60

    Selling HQ Bunker #152, BNIB only taken out for pics. Also got 6 dog tag bottle openers, all BNIB. $235 (TRADED) for the bunker and $60 (ALL $OLD) each for the dog tags bottle openers. Prices include shipping to CONUS, payment to be made PayPal friends and family or add the 4% for fees...
  9. Dallas O Hog

    Trading Bunker #22 and #23

    Needs to be a unique pair. No crappy trades. Give me something unique. SI coin at top of my list. I can also add.cash in 10-14 days after i pay someone on forum off for our deal
  10. Claustin

    The Holy Grail I didn't know I needed...

    So I went online looking for a good Pit Boss I and Romeo I. I found some nice PB's but then came here to consult the Fake/Real thread. That's when my search got completely derailed. I never ended up buying Romeos but found a (couple) pretty decent pairs of Juliets (among other things). First...
  11. T-Lek

    Buying HQ Bunker Christmas Ornament

    I am looking for a hq bunker Christmas ornament ship to Thailand. Pls pm me detail if you have a spare to share.
  12. Oakley for life

    HQ Bunker Set

    Just got the three small ones today! Found them on Ebay and got a good deal for all three of them! Super Stoked to add these to my collection!!
  13. Dallas O Hog

    Buying HQ Bunker

    Looking for at least 2 more for my display. Let me know if you can pick one up and ship to me Dallas O Hog
  14. Oakley for life

    For Sale Corp HQ's Bunker #378

    Finally got this in the mail today!! I was able to get two and keeping one for myself!! :) Price is firm at $300 including shipping in the USA only and I will throw in an Oakley sticker as well. A few of these have gone on Ebay for over $300 so I am offering a discount to members because we are...
  15. Rubyskull

    Buying HQ bunker

    if someone can help me to get one at the retail price lmk please really like to have one thanks everyones
  16. i am rich

    HQ Bunker Serial Owner List

    HQ Bunker List Forum members who provide a pic of their HQ Bunker, please PM @i am rich, @xmetalmaniac or any Admin/Mod to have the master list updated. Thanks and Congratulations on an "Iconic" piece. 05 - PSIguy - Kory 08 - Wicked 09 - the_owl 11 - Oakleygarth 18 - i am rich 19 - Brettc10...
  17. mtb-nj


    Awesome holiday stuff from Oakley including a dog tag bottle opener, headquarters paper weight and carbine. Pictures: