1. S

    For Sale Uranium Shadow Camo Custom Holbrook

    For sale are Custom Holbrook with Uranium Shadow frame and prizim polarized lenses. These have only been taken out of the box to take a picture of them and put them on this site. The reason I am selling them is I thought I ordered the matte black camo in lieu of the uranium shadow, I tried to...
  2. TimeTank

    For Sale Fast Jackets - BMX Chrome & Camo

    Fast Jackets - $100 each
  3. S

    Custom Holbrook Camo

    Morning, So I recently purchased custom holbrooks with the matte green camo. But when I received them, they were a much lighter green than I was expecting. Anyone have this issue? I contacted Oakley and they said there was nothing they could do since they were custom...not happy about it. See...
  4. Jerome

    Are these custom Oakleys real and rare?

    Hello everyone, Today I found this company called www.outdoorevasion.com that is selling a lot of custom Oakleys. This company is located in Spain. Some of these custom frames I have never seen before. I'm always a but scepical these days with so many fakes floating around on the internet...
  5. Tejada

    Sold (Lot 5 Beaters.) Foose Gascan, Monster Dog, Monster Pup, Darboard, Gascan Clear

    Lot 5 Beaters. Gascan Foose SKU: 12-774 Darboard Night Camo SKU: 05-111 SOLD Monster Pup SKU: 12-886 SOLD Gascan Clear SKU: 125 Monster Dog SKU: 05-013 SOLD Price $ 245 OBO Free Shipping In The United States Pay by Paypal
  6. battleborn

    Sold Fuel Cells - MPH BIP & ACU Green

    Selling two pairs of Fuel Cells MPH Camo BIP. Basically brand new. Only worn two times since purchasing last month. Comes with bag, box, and frames. SOLD ACU Green with gray lenses. Comes with bag and a Fuel Cell box (from another pair). The frames are an 8.5-9/10 and lenses are...
  7. Rotorhead

    Sold Radarlock Array camo/H20 Prizm New $sold

    For sale: $SOLD US delivered. Outside US please PM. Radarlock array all Brand new except Slate lens, worn once and like new. Frame: Black and grey camo Lens: 1 - H20 Deepwater Prizm pitch 2 - Slate Iridium vented pitch Icon: Polished black Earsocks: black Array Case...
  8. Gunn

    For Sale Rare Oakley Camo Umbrella for 250$

    I decided to sell my Oakley umbrella. Please see the the Pictures below. It was never used. Complete with cover. Shipping worldwide possible. Asking 250 USD or your best offer. I accept PayPal (G&S). Shipping charges add on top, depending on where I need to ship to. Any questions please ask.
  9. Crazy Alien

    My SI camo collection

    My SI Camo collection Assault Boot SI Night Camo T shirt SI Camo Very rare pieces in Brazil
  10. V

    How to create camo-pattern?

    How you you paint camo on radar or radarlock lenses? I already know about dipping but I want to do it with paint
  11. Crazy Alien

    Oakley Brazil - Camo Shoes

    Look my friends Oakley Camo Shoes Made in Brazil Flak Low - Olive Camo Flack Low - Desert Camo Flack Low - Desert Camo + Bônus t shirt Medusa Brazil YOU LIKE ?
  12. 702baby

    For Sale Holiday Gearbox Expedient Camo

    Brand new, never worn, complete. $450 shipped, PayPal fees included. International shipping will be extra. No trades.
  13. rcstfox

    Buying Koston matte black camo w/ dark grey

    Anyone selling koston series matte black camo?
  14. AGO

    For Sale Trenchcoat camo

    hey everyone, I sell trenchcoat snow camo mount is clean, the lenses are a little worn, but no box microfibre price 280usd shipped (friend/familly ) + tracking number (possibility of an exchange of same value) let me know