1. BoostBear

    Trading Canopy Prizm HI Pink Lens

    Looking to trade this Prizm HI Pink Canopy lens for another Canopy Lens for slightly brighter conditions. They were worn twice about ~6 hrs of use on them, no flaws that'd impact FOV in anyway - just prefer HI Yellow for **** weather. If no trades come up will be up for selling them as I don't...
  2. Linegear Japan

    Clearance Sales 15% OFF - Snow goggle lens & more

    Hi all, CLEARANCE SALE replacement lenses for Snow goggle replacement for: A Frame, AirBrake, Canopy, Crowbar & Splice Popular Oakley frames: Radar Path, Radarlock Path, Racing jacket are at 15% OFF until May 26th, 2015. You can find them on our eBay store. Thank you very much. Linegear
  3. SnowMatter

    The North Face Park and Pipe Open

    Hey all, Not sure how many of you are into skiing, but I figured this would be worth a shot. I'm a halfpipe and slopestyle skier, and I just entered the North Face Open via an online submission, which is currently in a round of public voting. I could use all the help I can get haha. So if you...
  4. Linegear Japan

    Goggle replacement lenses 10% OFF

    Dear all, If you have interest in our super cute snow goggle replacements, this is a good time for owning one or two of them. It is 10% OFF. It is available on our eBay store. Thank you. Linegear