1. L

    Have worn Oakley for 25 years.

    Started with E-wires back in ‘95, still fairly mint btw, have had M-frames (golf), O frame (boarding), gascans and canteens. Was looking at today to see options for my partner to get blue filter lenses and wondered about getting the Prizm Deep Water Polarized. Since I have a few...
  2. U

    Buying New Canteen - Polished Black w/ Prizm Field

    Looking for a solid pair of these with lenses that are in excellent condition. Specifically the Polished Black with Prizm Field (Baseball Outfield) model OO9225-09. Please pm what you have with offer! Thank you!
  3. Uteman25

    Looking For Canteen's 1.0 Left Ear Piece

    Hey Everyone! So I have a pair of white 1.0 Canteen's that I've had for a long time now and they've held up well, up until the other night when one of the nubs on the left ear piece broke off :( Does anyone here by chance have this part and would be willing to sell it? Any advice or suggestions...