1. Rico182

    Proozy Deals for Canteen and Valve

    Proozy has some great deals on Canteen and Valve frames with coupons. I've bought from them before so they are legit website. Hard to pass on these prices. Looks like only free shipping applies to the Valve. The Canteen is $7.95 for shipping, unless you buy 75$ or more then its .99 cents for...
  2. L

    Have worn Oakley for 25 years.

    Started with E-wires back in ‘95, still fairly mint btw, have had M-frames (golf), O frame (boarding), gascans and canteens. Was looking at today to see options for my partner to get blue filter lenses and wondered about getting the Prizm Deep Water Polarized. Since I have a few...
  3. U

    Buying  New Canteen - Polished Black w/ Prizm Field

    Looking for a solid pair of these with lenses that are in excellent condition. Specifically the Polished Black with Prizm Field (Baseball Outfield) model OO9225-09. Please pm what you have with offer! Thank you!
  4. Uteman25

    Looking For Canteen's 1.0 Left Ear Piece

    Hey Everyone! So I have a pair of white 1.0 Canteen's that I've had for a long time now and they've held up well, up until the other night when one of the nubs on the left ear piece broke off :( Does anyone here by chance have this part and would be willing to sell it? Any advice or suggestions...