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    For Sale Canvas Wallet

    Hello OF I want sell my canvas wallet I have it for long time and never used, is new with out any defect, don’t have tags 10/10 SKU: 95045-001 Price $90 allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ). Thanks for look.
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    Buying Canvas Fuel Cell Microfiber Bag

    As title says I have a set but missing the MF bag, if anyone has one they are willing to part with at a reasonable price (picture below for illustration) Thanks
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    Buying WTB: Oakley canvas wallet BIFOLD

    Hello I'm hoping someone on this forum has this particular wallet, an extra one perhaps in fair or new condition they'd like to sell me? I normally use the "small leather wallet, black" but I'm going on a trip where its gona be too bulky. Pics of one attached, thanks!