carbon prime

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    Found Looking for a Carbon Prime

    I have one more model I need to cross off my list before New Years. I’d love to have a Carbon Prime. Too many people on this forum are showing off how awesome these glasses are. Anyone have a pair for me? I live in Norway.
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    Sold Moto GP Carbon Prime - PRICE DROP!!

    Hi gang. I recently picked up a LNIB Carbon Prime that I’m looking to sell. I’ve tried these on in the house but know I won’t ever wear them due to the rarity. Would rather they go to someone who will enjoy them more. Comes with everything as new. Looking for $OLD obo shipped anywhere in NA...
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    Sold I can't do it.

    I just can't. I thought about it, I read all the posts and the how-tos, but it's not what I want. I bought new Double Edge Prizm Black lenses to donate to a pair of Carbon Primes which have always had prescription lenses in them. The prescription lenses never felt good to me. I recently had them...
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    Sold BNIB Carbon Prime Blk/Prizm Blk Polarized

    Howdy all! Up for sale today is a brand new Carbon Prime in black. Everything is perfect with the exception of slight wear on the box, as pictured. Any questions, please let me know! $330 shipped
  5. RicHockney

    Carbon Prime

    Taken delivery of the rather expensive Carbon prime’s today. Went for Prizm Ruby with black frame. Really impressed at first glance!
  6. weshardeniv

    Hello all!

    Long time lurker, first time poster from the Northern Virginia area! Like all of you I have an obsession with Oakley's, that started when I was a kid and strong armed my parents into my first pair of Eye Jackets in the mid 90's. Since that time I have probably owned over 20 pairs (if not...
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    For Sale OEM Carbon Prime Lens / Earsocks

    For sale I have a set of Prizm Black Polarized lenses for the Carbon Prime. I would rate them 9.9/10, taken off of a pair I have set aside for a custom project. Asking ̶$̶1̶1̶0̶ $$95 shipped CONUS OBO. Will also trade for Pit Boss 2 earsocks in black. EDIT: Earsocks/Nosepads SOLD Payment...
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    Buying Carbon prime black in lnib or better paying 250$

    Pm me if you have a set of black thanks, ready to buy! Would also consider a moto gp version if the price is right. Pm with any offers! Found/closed
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    Sold Bundle Deal - CP Black Prizm & PitBoss II Black BIP

    $500 PayPal G&S for both. Of course, shipping is included. Here are the listings: For Sale - Pit Boss II Matte Black Black Iridium Polarized OO9137-01 (two lens sets) For Sale - OO6021-0263 Carbon Prime Black LNIB Only trade I am accepting as of right now is a mint XX, preferably in a black...
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    Sold OO6021-0263 Carbon Prime Black LNIB

    Up for sale is a a black Carbon Prime, LNIB. I've worn these two times. The lenses, I will rate as 9/10 - no scratches or anything I can see, but -1 just incase. The frame, I will rate as 10/10 - no scratches or anything I can see. The box is in mint condition, no marks to it. The case for the...
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    Sold Carbon Prime

    The time has now come for these to go. I have worn these 3 times, all of which were about an hour - 2 hours each. I never really liked the way they fit, though they do look awesome. An offer on a pair of R1’s came about that I can NOT pass up. I paid $350 for these Brand new from a seller on...
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    Sold Ruby Carbon Prime

    Like new (basically new, but I took off the Prizm and RX stickers...) Absolutely no flaws. Awesome glasses and very high end looking. The ruby Prizm lenses are outstanding, way better than the traditional ruby Iridium in my opinion. Reason for sale is they were going to be my new daily wear...
  13. Linegear Japan

    Carbon Prime with Prizm - already released in Japan

    Thought some Carbon Prime enthusiasts might be interested. Pictures and description taken from a seller in Japan. It looks like a normal vault (unlike the Prime GP which came with the new X-Metal tube) and simple outer paper box are in the package. It is said that only 130 frames are available...
  14. B

    Jawbones and TinTin Gascan

    So the first two, I have had for about a month now. I don’t think I posted anything on these two yet but, 1. Infared Jawbone w/Black Iridium vented. 2. The last pair I had, I gave them to my dad so he can match his bicycle, but the second pair is the Atomic Orange Jawbones. Third, thanks to...
  15. B

    Carbon Prime!

    So, I seen the Carbon primes on the bay for $350 called my brother we made a trade I am so excited for these! BNIB with the ruby Prizm. I traded him my plasma Juliet’s and Pit Boss 2’s for them. I am sad to see my first pair of metals go, but I really like the carbon fiber on the glasses. Plus...
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    Sold FERRARI Carbon Prime

    Hey O fans, Selling my pair of Ferrari Carbon Primes. These are a rare pair of samples, as is clearly labelled on inside of left stem. They come with Ferrari micro fiber bag only - no other packaging. Never worn, no scratches, dings, or dents. Hinges are tight. The only flaw, if any, is...
  17. PitBoss

    Carbon Prime... Anyone want one??

    No dear mods, this is not a sales thread This meant as information. Business has pulled me to a certain location in Europe which 1 set of Carbon Prime. The set was on display but does not appear to have been manhandled in any way and my quick inspection of it makes me believe this is a pretty...
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    Found Carbon Prime Moto GP

    If anyone gets an extra and feels that warm sharing feeling in their heart let me know :D:angel: