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    Buying  Trenchcoat Soft Vault

    Anyone have a trench coat soft vault? Or a soft vault that will fit trenchcoats?
  2. U

    For Sale  Beautiful Oakley Lens Display $53 + S&H

    Beautiful display piece featuring nine of the most popular Oakley lenses of all time.  Each lens puck has interesting characteristics listed on a metal plaque next to it. The translucent frame allows light behind the lenses for a very beautiful effect. Lenses can be removed for examination or...
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    For Sale  Infinity Hero Case + IH Bag + IH Metal Coin

    Hello OFamily for sale this IH pack with case, microbag and metal coin, all is new. Price 140 allin or best offer ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all )
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    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed Mini Doublewide Oakley Cases

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed mini doublewide towers (printed to order). Measuring approximately 8.25x4.5", they're great for storing and displaying pins, coins, hotwheels cars or anything that's relatively small. Because of their size, these towers will fit on an Oakley case shelf...
  5. SWATMedic

    Metal Double Wide

    Wanted to let you gents know about this one is in St. Pete, FL for $900. You can find it on Craigslist.
  6. U

    Sold  3 & 2 tier stands and display shelf

    I have 11 stands - they are the clear ones that tiers can be added and removed from. There are 11 bases and 9 of them currently have 3 tiers and 2 have 2 tiers - $20 each I also have a 2 tier display shelf - $OLD PM with any offers. May consider trades. Can do a bundle deal if someone wants...
  7. Ali Foam

    RX metal vault replacement foam project

    I have been asked to do this a few times but the market for it is so small I didn't think it was worth the cost. I am looking to make replacement foam for the rx metal vault. My questions to you guys are what sort of foam do you want in there? DO you want the same just to hold display lenses? DO...
  8. BoostBear

    Megatower 3.0 - $70 | ATL Craigslist

    Found me yet another awesome deal on case... Though again it's no where near me 😅 An bigger than I need so figure I'd share here for someone else to score
  9. RonVickery84

    Crosslink Switch: Case for lens carrier only??

    My latest Rx purchase are some Crosslink Switch. Looking for a small hard case, to fit the spare lens carrier only, for when my Rx sunglass lenses come in. Preferably foam lined OEM. Anybody got ideas? I’m not coming up with anything.
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    For Sale  Vaults and hard case bundle

    For sale is a bundle of 9 cases/vaults. All cases are in pretty good condition. All zippers work and in good shape. Great for storage/travel. $90 $85 gets ya the whole bunch shipped in the Con US.
  11. Toomin

    Quick Question about a case

    Had a display case pop up for sale in my area, only thing is that it has wheels on it. Is this a newer case, or have i just not seen one of these before? Also, whats the price range on such an item?
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    For Sale  Oakley Metal Vaults Small and Large including new foam

    For Sale: Small Vaults £55 each included shipping and brand new foam Large X-metal vaults £110 including tracked shipping and brand new foam if you buy multiple i will do a discount. Also if you want any other foam from the 3 sizes of metal vault or the juliet cardboard box, i also have those.
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    Sold  SOLD! $25 Unidentified jacket? lenses + case

    So my parents found this case with lenses at a yard sale for $1 and asked if I could sell it. The problem is, I can't identify what frame the lenses go to. I am about 80% sure they go to a pair of Split Jackets based on the size of the case and the lenses as well as the cutout, but not 100%...
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    For Sale  Vintage eyewear cases

    Looking to move some cases I just don't need anymore. Got 2 of the "Oakley - High Definition Optics" cases and 2 of the "HDO - High Definition Optics" cases. Both in good condition inside and out. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $25 shipped in the US for the "Oakley".
  15. U

    For Sale  Icon business card case

    Cleaning out closet sale. Bought it a while ago, never used it. $130 shipped
  16. U

    For Sale  LNIB X Squared XS Plasma Complete Box Coin Case

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY X-SQUARED Frame: Plasma Lens: Fire Iridium Polarized SKU: OO6011-04 Rating: 9.5/10 Description: LNIB Price: $old
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    Sold  Vaults/Cases: 2 white leather, 1 black soft vault, 2 X-Metal

    2 white leather cases that came with women's sunglasses, 1 black soft shell vault that came with a pair of men's sunglasses. The vault does not have the lens slots. These cases are in excellent condition. Also, 2 X-Metal cases in pretty used condition. The "X" is cracked on one of these. $45...
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    For Sale  iPad 2nd,3rd,4th gen cases

    Offering 3 iPad cases (Cylinder Block with OMatter), new and like new condition with original boxes. $15 each.
  19. Gotheem22

    How did i do? $145 shipped

  20. SpliceD

    Shelf Whore Club Members

    Original Thread: Too Many NOT TO Shelf Whore Club Members.... Since @BAPD77 isn't as active and the list needed updating since 2015, I thought I'd take on the reins and try my best to keep this updated. In an effort to keep this fair and updated, I will be continuing the original list Please...
  21. Lackhammer

    Madman/Badman Vault Case

    Hey everyone! I purchased a pair of Madman’s from a sunglass hut (it was the last pair I could find, which was frustrating since I work at an Oakley retailer) but it did not come with a box OR the capsule case!! I am desperately trying to find one but the only one that comes up when I search...
  22. U

    Sold  Medicine Cabinet

    Medicine Cabinet It has some scratches, the base is new, door in good condition. Price $ 380 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  23. U

    Sold  Lot 20 cases for glasses $150

    Lot 20 cases for glasses in good condition. Lot price $ 150 Payment by paypal Free shipping to the USA
  24. ZCForge

    My First Standing Display Case

    I’ve been looking for a tower for years, the problem is they were either way overpriced or too far away to justify the travel. I live in a pretty rural when it comes to these kind of things. Then, I stumbled across someone on a local buy/sell app a few weeks ago looking to sell a 3.0 double...
  25. U

    Sold  Kevlar Organizer, x metal vault, coin half x, case, display custom.

    oakley organizer kevlar $80 SOLD X-Metal large metal vault $130 SOLD Half-X Coin $120 Square O Case – Science Graphic 07-584. $70 Large metal vault $25 Triangular display stand polished (custom) $270 SOLD Triangular display stand (custom) $250 SOLD (the last photo was taken from the internet...
  26. U

    For Sale  Tower, stands, coin display....

    Some display items for sale and a caribiner. Price of items do not include shipping. Tower is local pick up only (Pittsburgh area). If you have questions PM me please. Thanks guys! Also ignore the temporary items I had to put in the case, I moved and almost all of my oakley stuff is still packed...
  27. U

    Buying  Oakley Dopp Kit 2.0 toiletry bag/pouch

    Hello fans! I recently purchased an Oakley Sandbag (original-black), to use as an every day carry bag. I really dig the industrial design of it and it is also quite comfortable. Unfortunatelly I had to realise that it does only have one big compartment, so I cannot really organise my stuff in...
  28. U

    For Sale  Multiple Cases

    For sale is a lot of Oakley cases. I have accumulated these over the corse of about 3 years. They are taking up space in my display, so, I figured I’d try to sell them. I want to sell them all as a lot. I do not want to separate. There are three, that are stained/need to be cleaned, or have a...
  29. jkummes


    Posted this on the apparel/other collections thread but thought it might get to a few more eyes on this one. Can’t find this anywhere other than the one I have. Does anyone else have one?
  30. U

    Sold  Briefcase x metal

    for sale 4 oakley xmetal cases Small briefcase 520 $ Big briefcase $ 650 free shipping to the USA