1. U

    Sold 5 black hard cases

    Hello Of I am accumulating many cases and I want to take off this lot, two new cases one of them with a label, and three used in good condition, all are original and of different shapes and sizes, a good protection for our jewels, pm if you need more details. Price $75 allin OBO Paypal g&s (...
  2. U

    Sold 4 cases. Madman, Metal vault, X metal Soft. $90

    4 cases The cases are in good condition and functional. One of these has its original box. Price $90 free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  3. U

    Sold Watch Case, X Metal Case

    Watch Case, X Metal Case the case for glasses has a defect in the closure, but it is functional. They are not sold separately. Price for the two cases $ 65 pay by Paypal Shipping to the USA $ 5
  4. E

    A Must-Have for X-Metal

  5. U

    Sold LAST CALL $175 takes the rest — Big “Retirement Sale”

    ** everything is now sold, thank you! ** Hey all. I used to be pretty active here on the forum, and over time I accumulated a decent little collection, but nowadays I just rotate through the same couple pairs while the rest sits in a cabinet. I guess this is Part 1 of 2 of my “retirement...
  6. frank330xi

    My 1st's not going in the bathroom though

    Well I have done it! I popped my display case cherry. I picked up this medicine cabinet today, and have a few questions about it. My 1st is about the stands that are epoxied on the shelves and the bottom. Are these add-ons or was this a Oakley issued version? The stand are the tops of the...