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    For Sale  Oakley Crosshair 1.0 with brown gradient

    Oakley Crosshair 1.0 with brown gradient for sale See pics for details Asking $80 plus S&H
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    Buying  Beater Pair | Cheap pair | Large Frames | Polarized / Prizm Lenses

    Looking to buy a cheap/ beater pair of sunglasses (don't mind what frames they are as long as they are larger), just need Polarized lenses, Prizm preferred. Need no scratches on the lenses, and LT like 15% or under for daily use. PayPal is all set up. Thanks.
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    Mid-August "Mega" Purchase

    Seen a craigslist ad in my local listings. Selling a pair of Brand New Radarlock's 30 year Anniversary with the extra lens, hard/soft case. Didn't have a price listed, so I decided to call him. We set up a time to meet the following day at 4pm. Before we met up with him, he texted me, and said...