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    For Sale Eye Jacket Cheetah

    Eye Jacket Cheetah, used only for display. Not matching box. Only defect I see is a small hairline on one lens. Other than that lenses are perfect. $200 shipped Small hair line:
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    Sold Cheetah eye jacket (original in box)

    true complete vintage set of funky eye jackets. Lense are easy 9/10 amazingly. Frame is 7/10 discoloration and one stem is loose. Rubbers are ok for their age 7/10. Comes with original documentation and microfibre bag! Asking sold$ plus shipping. Thanks for checking!
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    Sold Eye Jacket bundle - 120 $ - Box added

    Hi guys, I'm selling 2 frames - Eye Jacket Cheetah/Gold & New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm (gunmetal) + extra lenses. Both frames are spotless all around - but the Cheetah frame has probably had one of the arms replaced, as it is a slightly different color tone. Cheetah Gold lenses have signs of wear -...