1. U

    Trading  (4) Backpacks & (6) Shoes [incl. Red & Leather/Chrome Kitchen Sinks, Flesh, Chopsaw]

    Hey y’all, it’s time for some spring cleaning! Help me clear out some space in my apartment and replace em with something a bit smaller 😅 Interested in trading for X-Metals (excluding Juliets) or watches (+ cash depending on the item). Bulk trades encouraged! Shipping only within CONUS. Pictures...
  2. U

    Sold  Radar Path Chrome

    For sale Radar Path Chrome with grey path lens. Frame is in good condition but lens has few scratches here and there. Price: $90 shipped.
  3. bandit.sunglasses

    HELP - New Oakley Chrome Pro M Frame

    Hey Everyone, New member here and big time Oakley sunglasses fan! Just scored an incredible deal, I picked up a pair of chrome Pro M Frames with a sweep lens in incredible condition given the age (just missing a little paint on one of the icons). I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many...
  4. U

    Sold  Milkshake Frog

    Milkshake Frogskin blue front with mint stems. Chrome Irid lens. Will include original box and milkshake micro bag. Asking $115>$105 plus shipping.
  5. U

    Sold  Penny Custom Polished Chrome

    The frame was chromed except for the nasal bridge that was polished. The lenses are totally new from Linegear Red Mirror polarized brand. The gums of the nose are totally new, the rubber bands of the rod and the joints are missing. It is included a box in good condition as the penny coin. The...
  6. U

    Found  Bmx jawbone

    Hi all looking for a pair to kill. If you've got a complete, mint, beater, whatever bmx wise I am in need of another frame. I will either use these if I find a replacement minty pair or hopefully a beater that needs new life. I have a project in mind I must try to take to new heights. Again I...
  7. U

    Sold  2 Frames Eye Jacket 2.0, Black Chrome, Metallic black.

    2 Frames Eye Jacket 2.0, Black Chrome, Metallic black. Frames in excellent condition, There is no rubber for the nose. Price $ 105 Free shipping to the United States Pay by Paypal
  8. U

    Sold  Pro M-Frame David Duvall

    Pro M-Frame David Duvall Frame in good condition, has no scratches, the paint is in good condition. the lenses have some scratches 7/10 Price $ 85 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  9. U

    Sold  2 Frames Eye Jacket 2.0, Black Chrome, Metallic black

    2 Frames Eye Jacket 2.0, Black Chrome, Metallic black. Frames in excellent condition, rubber in good condition. Price $ 110 Free shipping to the United States Pay by Paypal
  10. Blondie

    Blondie's Collection

    Ok, I'm finally ready to unveil my "elaborate" collection!! I know, I know.... everyone's been waiting on the edge of their seats Please feel free to make suggestions on new styles, or share any O wisdom you think I should be privy to. Caveats - + Red Sanctuarys - Jade Feedbacks - 24K Darts -...
  11. Gunn

    ...the unreleased Chrome Fast Jacket on eBay

    On eBay now - a pair you won't find often... OAKLEY FAST JACKET CHROME w/ BLACK IRIDIUM super rare unreleased sample rep pair
  12. U

    Found  Chrome Supreme

    Hi guys. I feel sick....... I had my chrome supremes lifted from my truck today while I went into a customers house for about 5 min to grab a cheque. I still have the box, bag and strap. I was so in love with that pair. OMG. :headbang::shock::cry:they were like brand new condition... PLEASE...
  13. S

    Rare Racing Jackets Chrome Gold 2004 Olympics

    Sorry for posting this in general but figured somebody might be interested in these... Oakley Racing Jacket GOLD Olympics sunglasses RARE gen 1 generation 1 Water
  14. A

    A Few New Pick Ups

    Recently added all black customs, old glories with blue iridium, supreme chromes, and a pair of black m frames for work oh and koston tortoise as well. Glories m frames and supremes are not in my hands yet