1. DaysOfNoah

    Minute 2.0 Cinder Red … deal but not steal She has this listed too high but in chatting with me, she is willing to go below $70. I almost bought it but ended up purchasing one from horseleap instead. It has been sitting for three years. For anyone looking for a Minute 2.0 Cinder Red….
  2. U

    Sold  Oil drum collection

    Selling my oil drums: (All prices are in USD and include shipping) Ask for more pictures on specific frames if you need. Gen2 Polished Black frame 03-405, lenses 10/10, frame 9/10, $200, no box. Gen1 Polished Black frame, lenses 10/10, frame 9/10, $200, no box. Gen1, Cinder red frame, lenses...