cj serial juliet

  1. U

    Sold Juliet Carbon (CJ serial) w/ Black Iridium

    For sale is a Juliet Carbon with Black Iridium Full set, mint box & coin, matching serial. Frame: straight stem, no scratch. 9/10 Lenses: oem lenses seem to be unused, like new. 9/10 (probably third party lenses were used while original lenses remain very good. See pictures) Rubber: Oem, very...
  2. Linegear Japan

    CJ serial Juliet

    First time to see this frame. They look really nice, not very dark like normal Carbon Juliet. According to the serial list, it is a Carbon Juliet First Generation: X Metal Serial Number And here are some photos to enjoy (the remote control serve to contrast the color): Serial: CJ005446...