1. Mcwizzop

    Screenshots of classic Oakley website

    Howdy O-Family, Not sure if these are already out there but I want to share that I stumbled upon some screenshots on facebook of the old Oakley website featuring classic sunglasses, X-Metals and even Medusa and Minute Machine shots. Really has that Nostalgic vibe emanating from them.
  2. O

    Old pair (to me). Haven’t seen any others.

    Hey guys! I bought these way back in 2006. I don’t think I’ve seen another combo like this one. Must be some of you around here that have a matching pair?
  3. U

    Sold Romeo I - Plasma With Fire; Amazing Condition, ALL Original (SALE PENDING)

    SALE PENDING Here comes another classic to add to your collection! Romeo I - Plasma with Fire Frame - Mint Lenses - Small stress marks, no marks or scratches Rubber - All mint Serial #: 001015 Includes: Original box (some wear, includes original foam, no warranty paper) Coin...
  4. U

    For Sale Some oldies just in time for Xmas!

    I've got a few old pieces up for grabs, so whomever has the hustle is gonna go home with the goods! Icon Claw Carabiner NWT - SOLD Large Skull Stickers - SOLD A.P. Vest, Size XL - SOLD