1. Rosebud

    Worth the "upgrade" to prizm black from the daily if you don't mind your eyes showing?

    I have been wearing the prizm dailys for over a year and love them in a clear polished holbrook frame. I recently needed to replace them due to a rather dumb accident and went with the new (?) prizm black since daily was only available in a custom. In the store they looked incredibly similar...
  2. SouLFuLFroG

    Buying Clear frogs again

    I need more clear frames for customers... Used or new. I will take whatever is available. Thanks all pm me
  3. teddy57

    Teddy57's Recent Purchases

    As a new member I really enjoyed Jono's thread in which he displayed his most recent pick-ups. Since I don't currently display my growing collection in a case, I figured I would share my collection this way! Feel free to chime in, I hope you'll enjoy seeing this as much I did Jono's...
  4. Ben G

    Are My New Frogs Genuine?

    Hello, i'm new here and i'm cheekily hitting the ground running by asking a question as my début post! So i've recently decided to follow the way of the Frog, having had a few pairs of Oakley's over the years, i've always favoured their design and optics over others, but it's only over the last...