1. Oakleynerd

    X-Metal Juliet & TimeBomb 2 set

    Hello Oakley family, i came across a set with the Juliet and the Time Bomb 2 watch. Does anybody have an idea about the current price range for such a set? It‘s brand new and afaik pretty limited and hard to find…. THX for the help!
  2. U

    Sold  BNIB MUZM Mumbo/Pro M bundle (103/300)

    Have a MUZM Mumbo Pro M Frame bundle up for grabs. No. 103 of 300. Unworn, brand new condition only opened for pictures and to check that there were no defects. All 100%. Throwing in a brand new Pro M microbag as the set didn't come with one (thanks Lux!). $750/£585 f&f, shipping included via...
  3. U

    For Sale  Many Pairs

    Hello Everyone - I've been listing some stuff recently on the Bay. All prices are in USD and include fees and shipping within North America. Internationally please message me for the shipping cost. The eBay listings will have descriptions/conditions/pictures. Jupiter Squared TLD Matte...
  4. SpliceD

    Shelf Whore Club Members

    Original Thread: Too Many NOT TO Shelf Whore Club Members.... Since @BAPD77 isn't as active and the list needed updating since 2015, I thought I'd take on the reins and try my best to keep this updated. In an effort to keep this fair and updated, I will be continuing the original list Please...
  5. U

    For Sale  X metal lens

    yo guys I have a few sets of beautiful lens for sale!! Here goes Professionally cut by Chris: Ruby for romeo 90$ Perfect set no scratches never mounted, bought straight from Chris and never used 10/10 Ice for romeo 90$ Perfect also, no scratches never mounted, bought from Chris and never...
  6. U

    Buying  Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses . . . Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel and so on

    hello community, like the titel says . . . i‘m looking for some Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses: Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel, Straight Jacket or what you are willing to let go. please send me a PM what you have! thank you.... BTW if you have some clothing i need size Large ;)
  7. U

    Found  Oakley Skull Baseball Pin

    hi o-family, i'm looking for the Skull Baseball Pin!! please shot me a pm if you have some for me ;) thanx . . .
  8. Professor Oak

    Representing the DMV

    This is so awesome. So hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Jason and I'm extremely excited to be a part of this community. I've recently become an Oakley fanatic and really have gotten the chance to embrace the brand. I only just turned twenty one but honestly I've always been way more...
  9. U

    Sold  NEW PRICE DROP - London Police GasCan

    BNIB - with international, insured, signed for and trackable shipping! SOLD - thanx - almost shipped . . . . Oakley made them back in 2007 - now you have the chance to grab one - sold out everywhere. if you have any question please feel free to PM me. price is not in stone but please no...
  10. U

    Deal  Oakley Book - $69 shipped ConUS

    Brand New in original packaging. Will sell at cost (price, tax, etc), plus priority mail shipping (varies even within the US). oConUS buyers welcome too. Please be aware that shipping this item is not cheap because of size and weight. Shipping costs vary by location, so if you PM, please tell...
  11. MKO2012

    Dog Tag Bottle Opener GWP 2015

    Playing off last years release of the Dog Tag Bottle Opener, Oakley has unveiled this years GWP and it looks awesome! Although the design is the same as last year, this years release is darker is color...(To all my X-Metal collectors out there, its color looks like a cross between a plasma and a...