1. Jacob Carstens

    Another Collegiate grail and a milestone achieved..

    Thanks to the help of @Allentw821 today my collection reached a milestone. By getting me this beauty - a complete Miami Hurricanes XX - I now have all the unique Collegiate colorways. A milestone I couldn’t have accomplished without the help of this forum :agree::agree: However I’m still missing...
  2. Jacob Carstens

    A little rare O-Matter...

    Hi guys, It’s been a while since I’ve showed off my Collegiate pairs - so here they are in my new tower, with a few other rare vintage O-matter. PS @ mods/admin - there should be a ‘XX’ tag !!!
  3. Jacob Carstens

    Ohio State XX

    Managed to pick up another collegiate grail - mint Ohio State XX. Presented by bigfoot aka @Brian Nickell - who's once again agreed to be my mule ;) - awesome of you buddy. Thanks to @toosteeley for not bidding me up :D. You guys rock :agree:
  4. Jacob Carstens

    Still got the O-matter blues...

    Decided it was time for some group shots - trying to capture the subtle nuances in the various blue O-matter frames. Even the Electric Blue shade is different between NSJ and Minute/XX. Hard without better equipment- but maybe you can spot the difference between the 2 minute pairs - the Florida...
  5. U

    Buying Purple & Evergreen XX or Minute.

    Hi guys, On top of my collegiate editions wanted list is the Dark Purple Washington XX. Second is the Evergreen - Miami & Oregon. Someone has got to have them lying around - show me :D
  6. U

    Buying Collegiate XX & Minuts..

    Hi guys, Having another go at it - there's got to be some out there.. Still looking for these teams/colleges. Washington - purple frame Miami Hurricanes - evergreen frame Alabama - burgundy frame Hawaii - jet/polished black frame Colorado - black frame USC - Cardinal frame UCLA - navy frame...
  7. U

    Buying XX - Electric Blue, Gunmetal & FMJ Red + Collegiate editions

    Hi Guys, Looking for more Collegiate series pairs. Hawaii Miami Oregon And more.. I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO GET ELECTRIC BLUE, GUNMETAL OR FMJ RED XX - WITH OR WITHOUT LENSES... Let me know what you've got. Cash, Minute, Water Jackets, PB2 or XM Juliet to trade in.
  8. Jacob Carstens

    More Collegiates and a Hawaiian gift box...

    Received this amazing load of O stuff from my man in the pacificas @Xs and Os - thanks buddy :agree: Including my latest Collegiate finds - Kentucky Minute and Auburn XX :D
  9. Jacob Carstens

    Lining up the troops..

    Just wanted to share my latest setup.. 2.0 Top shelf - June 2016 Collegiate Teams - Kentucky and Auburn added since the April edition. Below - various nice pieces :) - thanks to @Xs and Os for the lenses of hope :D Hope you like em...
  10. U

    Buying Collegiate series - XX & Minute

    Hi guys, Still looking for more teams to complete the series: Miami Hurricanes Oregon Ducks Hawaii Auburn USC UCLA Colorado Nebraska Alabama But interested I all teams, so let me know what you've got stashed away.
  11. U

    Trading Notre Dame XX for other Collegiate Series XX or Minute.

    Hi Guys, Got an extra pair of these beauties - Notre Dame XX (Navy/Gold Iridium) Frame, icons, rubbers and front logo are spotless. A couple of very small scratches - doesn't affect vision 9/10. Looking to trade for another Collegiate Minute or XX - not already in my collection :D
  12. U

    Buying Collegiate series Minute & XX - still looking for more...

    As the title says - let me know what you've got - buying and trading :)
  13. U

    Buying Looking For Team Light Blue (UNC) Collegiate M Frames!! Please Help :)

    Hi all Looking to acquire a pair of light blue new m frames aka the collegiate North Carolina M frames. I would prefer it to be brand new in the box all original. But if its in like new condition without the box that works too. The hinges have to be tight and no blemishes on the frame or icons...