commonwealth x oakley

  1. U

    Buying Some things.

    I'm lookin for these. What is supposed to be the easy ones to find. Lol. Not so much.... best picture I could find sorry... There is a missing spot :sorry:
  2. Trog

    Commonwealth Frogskins

    I have a complete set of commonwealth frogskins like new in box worn twice I was wondering what they are worth
  3. jiveSEVEN

    Mail From Singapore Finally Came...

    After a long wait, finally completed my Commonwealth x Oakley set. In my opinion, one of the best frogskins frames. Didn't realize how cool "gold iridium" is either. For some reason I thought it would be dull like bronze iridium on the olive grenades. Only frogs on my radar are lutzka, neon...
  4. chrisbron

    Goodies From The Mailman :)

    Thanks to a fellow collector near Birmingham, I got these today: UPDATE: