1. E

    Oakley Holbrook vs. Holbrook XL?

    Debating between the two. I've tried regular Oakley Holbrooks on before and remember wishing they were just slightly wider. Debating whether to try the Holbrook XL. Now I've seen the XLs and I'm excited but also cautious they could be too big. I wear a 7 1/2-7 5/8 fitted cap, so would the XLs...
  2. Brian24Xmetal

    Size advice needed for R1

    I think I'm finally ready to make the big R1 purchase. I would love to know roughly what to expect for size on my face. I figure the best comparisons I own are Juliets, a pair of R2s, and (though I don't consider them X-Metals) Badmans. Size wise how do the R1s stack up? Juliets are a bit...
  3. TacticalSportsGear

    Difference between these Oakley M Frame 2.0 lenses

    I have been researching what the difference is between these two lenses, but no luck so far.... They are both Oakley M Frame 2.0 lenses and the only difference appears to be that one goes back a little farther at the ends. Same fit. Same basic markings. The one that juts back a little...
  4. Kanasio

    Oakley Whisker Or Tightrope?

    I need you guys to help make a decision for me. I am looking for a wire frame, and I like the Whisker and the Oakley Tightrope because they fit my small noggin. The only thing that is keeping me from just buying the Whisker is that the polarized Tightrope has an ice iridium lens, and the...