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    For Sale  3rd Gen Juliet Plasma / Ice Complete Set

    Selling 2nd 3rd Gen Juliets (SN#J1117528B) which I bought off a forum member here for more than I'm selling now. Frame = 9.5/10 Nose = 8.5/10 (doesn't need tune) IMO Lens = 8/10 (Decent with minor hairline scratch) UPGRADED to Gen 1 Ice Lenses I had kicking around to replace the pitted lenses...
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    For Sale  Xx x metal complete. For all the xx lovers

    hey so I have this complete xx set. X metal frame 9/10 I am not a professional grader but it looks good to me Lenses is 24k 9/10 I don't see any scratches but again I am not a professional Box is 7/10 serial is clear and matches frame. Foam is missing Coin well the coin is the coin Asking 650...
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    Sold  Water Jacket lnib. Complete set collector grade!

    Racing jacket with all ancillaries. All in unused condition as this set was never used in water. Comes with oversized microfiber bag, cleaning solution with small cleaning cloth, neck rope, zippered box in nearest to mint condition. Also outer box! Price is 250$ plus shipping. No trades...