1. ZCForge

    OF Custom of the Month SEPTEMBER 2021 - Congrats @Solomon_Denali!

    Back by popular demand and starting in September, the OF Custom of the Month Contest will be returning. This thread will be unlocked in the beginning of September for the first 10 members to claim their spots. I will be continuing what @SiRacer420 started. The rules will be the same as they...
  2. SiRacer420

    OF Custom of the Month October 2019 Congrats YFG!!!

    October 2019 Custom of the Month time! Blame @Brdmn70 for it being late, he didn't remind me sooner. Congrats to last month’s winner @THEGROUNDPOUNDER99 ! Please familiarize yourself...
  3. Shade Station

    Win Oakley Sutro Sunglasses!

    Hey! We've teamed up with Bauer media to give you the chance to win some Oakley Sutro sunglasses across 7 of their sports magazines. Links are below, competition ends 17th May - good luck! Bike magazine - Win a pair of brand new Oakley Sutro sunglasses worth £130! Built - Win a pair of brand...
  4. Bonz-1

    Logo contest!!

    Hey everyone I want to have a contest for a new logo/emblem for my custom work!! It would be used by me for logo's bags decals and other stuff!! The winner will get this pair of custom flak jackets with new bi lenses!! I have an idea about what I want but I want to get others ideas too !! I am...
  5. SiRacer420

    OF Custom of the Month July 2017 (Wires) Congrats Zach!!!

    Congrats to Cacatman for winning last month! This month is Wires. Please familiarize yourself with the rules here: Oakley Forum Custom of the Month Contest (Rules, Suggestions, and Discussion) Post something like "reserved" or something to claim a spot. This will end on the 5th. If you want...