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    Sold  Women 12 Piece Counter top Display 97-866

    Women 12 piece Counter top Display 97-866 new Price $ 450 Pay by Paypal I send free only to the United States.
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    Buying  2 Aluminum Cube Displays Wanted

    I desperately want 2 of these cubes to complete my setup of the alum cabinet, counter top, and put the cube on top. Based in SoCal....been hard to find them recently except for overpriced Ebay offerings...willing to pay for shipping if price is right. If you have any leads to them in my general...
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    Traded  Or trade. Oakley aluminum countertop display case

    Hi all! I'm looking to get rid of a used counter top display. It will come with both shelves and key to the working lock. As this is a used unit, there are some flaws (scratches, minor stress crack, etc). Asking $300 and would prefer local pick up. I am located in Lexington, SC. I will ship...