1. B

    Buy Oakleys in USA or Canada? Which is cheaper?

    I had a pair of flak for about 5 years. I wore them almost daily. They were the best glasses I have ever owned. Losing them made me very sad. But they were well worn. They had a scratch that might have been lost eye without them. The lenses had started to fall out. I lost then in a wave and my...
  2. E

    Any codes that you can share

    I would appreciate if anybody has $75 off for $150 coupon code that you are not using. Or maybe $150 one. Please DM me . Thank you Happy new year
  3. U

    Sold  40% Code FREE

    Got a 40% code from @MJLSr but don't have any use for it so if anyone wants this, send me a PM, got around 5 hours to go before it expires at midnight.
  4. 702baby

    20% - 30% Coupon Codes

    Got some extra codes that I have no use for, first come first serve