1. time2fly

    Oakley Blue/+ Red Surf Deck Frogskins?

    Hey, don't know if anyone saw these, but there is a pair of the Blue/Positive Red Iridium Surf Deck Frogskins up on ebay. From what I understand, these weren't released correct? I remember seeing previews for them, but then only the Red showing up in stores. Nice RARE Oakley "Surf Deck"...
  2. jk-27

    Been An Expensive Few Weeks...

    Oakley Frogskins Nitraid Oakley Frogskins Mastermind Polished Black/Black Iridium Polarized Oakley Frogskins Koston Craftsmen Oakley Frogskins Mastermind Matte Black/Grey Polarized
  3. s3sunruh


    Went to the mall today on the off chance they would have something like a Jupiter Factory Lite (they did...) but I found myself walking away with something far more special IMO. I was told these are rather limited. Hope someone could confirm some numbers for me. :wink...
  4. mpmcgaughey

    Oakley Classic Craftsman Collection – Frogskins & More

    Sawweeettt :oP Oakley Classic Craftsman Collection - Frogskins & More