1. B

    Mid-August "Mega" Purchase

    Seen a craigslist ad in my local listings. Selling a pair of Brand New Radarlock's 30 year Anniversary with the extra lens, hard/soft case. Didn't have a price listed, so I decided to call him. We set up a time to meet the following day at 4pm. Before we met up with him, he texted me, and said...
  2. WraithEye

    To my amazement . . .

    My story started in 1997 when I graduated from high school. I bought a Romeo set as a gift to myself. I had a set of Frogskins before, but fell in love with the metal Romeos. Then they were stolen out of my desk at work. So I graduated college with an Associates Degree in 1999 and did the...
  3. Jackson32

    Craigslist Medusa (eastern CT)

    Was searching Craigslist for a Medusa Steal and came across this one listed in Eastern CT if anyone is interested. oakley medusa helmet
  4. rmontez

    Oakley Watch

    Not sure if this is a deal or steal and I don't even know the name but I seen someone here talk about paying 10k for one before so I figured maybe someone might want to travel to pick it up?? watch
  5. QUA1L

    Craigslist Frogs

    Im trying to save for London, but when people post these for $50 with box/bag/papers it's hard to resist. I offered $40 and he took it. :laugh: Not a scratch on them. I thought for sure I was going to show up to either a pair of fakes or something scratched to heck but they are darn near...