1. Walter Langkowski

    What are my Mars Jordan worth

    Tax return time is among us so in light of all the spare cash floating around I plan on selling my Mars Jordan on Saturday 3/5/2022 I bought these last year rescuing them from overseas and brought them back home to the U.S.A where they belong :) They are like new with box and coin. The glasses...
  2. Maveryq13

    Round Eye Collection

    Yes, you read that right; Show me your round eye collection! My trifecta. I tried the Madman and didn't like them, so here's my current lineup; I hope to add a Crater. Let's see yours!
  3. U

    Sold Mars / crater Mariener matte lenses

    Hello everyone I have fresh off the press Mariener matte lenses!!! Blue Red Silver!! $75 shipped conus for 1 set $135 shipped conus for 2 sets $185 shipped conus for 3 sets
  4. U

    Sold Mars / Crater Black Iridium Lenses

    Hello Of Selling a set of Mars / Crater Black Iridium lenses Taken off a brand new pair of Mars (not included) $OLD Shipped CONUS
  5. Lopaka KaMars

    Beater Crater - Is it worth it?

    Here's one that got listed and might stay reasonably cheap. Poor glasses look like they were beaten up.
  6. Lopaka KaMars

    Jordan for auction. Fake? Thoughts on this?
  7. Mike.vanderkoon

    Matching Crater 😎

    Got lucky with finding this set. Owner mentioned it was only displayed and even though many say it this seller was not lieing. Frame, lenses and finish are all mint! Label is bright and not faded—it even has the original deteriorated foam. Inner box matches but outer box label doesn’t.
  8. U

    Buying Looking for mars crater to buy

    Hello, looking for a mars CRATER, in any range condition from beater pair to mint. Please PM me with what you have and your price, thank you. Preferably x-metal frame with black iridium or ruby iridium lens...
  9. Bonz-1

    Beware!! Fake Mars/Craters!!

    Oakley Mars sunglasses x metal black iridum | eBay Notice no holes for thread just dimples!! Nose pins are screws and nose bombs are wrong !!
  10. xmetal40

    Humidor for lenses?

    Perhaps this proves to be a moot point; regardless, I am curious if anyone uses a humidor for lenses? Any other ideas to ensure that lenses do not peel?
  11. U

    Deal Mars Lenses - Found

    Looking for OEM lenses, preferably factory, but will consider custom cuts too. Preferred color Black Iridium. Willing to buy at reasonable price, or I also have a lot of things to use in trade. Please PM me with what you have Cheers
  12. lazafari

    Mars crater all blue rubbers

    Hey bros, someone might be able to help me with some info... My friend bought a pair of mars crater on ebay, and it has blue ice lenses, and blue rubber kit. He asked the seller some info and the guy said that it was a south africa especial edition. 400 run serial... And he guy said that it will...