crystal blue

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    My translucent pair of Oakley's.

    My translucent pair of Oakley's. It sure was a task to find these, but it was well worth it!
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    Sold  Minute Crystal Blue w/ 24k Gold Iridium (BNOB - Gen2)

    Hello OFamily for sale other beautiful minute. Gen2 crystal blue frame with 24k gold Iridium lenses in BNOB condition, I put 9,9 because is open but is perfect don’t have defect 10/10, never use or displayed, came with mf-bag, with the ligth of the tower is very dificult get the real color is...
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    Buying  Gen 1 M Frame crystal blue w/ or w/out lenses

    Looking for Gen 1 M Frame frame only....mine cracked. Crystal Blue.

    New Additions!

    Picked up some new additions to the collections over the weekend. 24-325: VR46 FrogSkin w/ Fire Iridium. 24-243: Crystal Blue w/ Violet Iridium. (lens swap) 24-298: Matte Black w/ Jade Iridium. (lens swap) 24-258: Smog Text-Matte Grey w/ OO Black Iridium Polarized. (lens swap) Custom...