1. D

    My translucent pair of Oakley's.

    My translucent pair of Oakley's. It sure was a task to find these, but it was well worth it!
  2. U

    Sold  Crystal Orange Holbrook

    Up for grabs is this pair of Crystal Orange Holbrooks with Grey lenses. Frames are in great shape minus where the arms cross and the lenses I’d rate a 9.5/10! Looking to get $90 shipped ConUs
  3. U

    For Sale  Gen 2 Crystal Frogskins - WTT for Gen 3 lenses

    Would anyone with Gen 3 Ruby Polar lens, Jade Polar, Ruby Iridium, or +Red & Blue lens be interested in trading for the following items below... Crystal Clear / Violet Clear They’re in good condition overall, but have an odd characteristic that no other Gen 2 I’ve own had - their original...
  4. Rhymes

    Worth $800? No SKU?

    Oakley Original Incredibly Rare First Edition Frogskins Crystal Blue/ Blue Irid. | eBay Are these in fact rare? Im trying to figure out what exactly they are. I asked the seller what the model number was. His reply was- "Back then they didn't have SKU numbers, we used descriptions and part...